What Have You Done With Your Gift?

At this time of year, people generally give and receive lots of gifts.  Sometimes you receive a gift that is very special.  Perhaps it’s one that you admire or use often.  In some cases, you like what you were given so much that you, in turn, give the same gift to others.  Then again, you may receive a gift that you don’t like at all.  You never use it.  You may even get rid of it.  

Well, God has given you some gifts.  What have you done with your gift?

What have you done with your gift of Jesus?  Jn 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son…”.  Have you received him or have you refused him?   Jesus Christ is God’s gift to the world and is available to anyone in the world who will receive him.  If you haven’t received him, you should do so now.  With him you have eternal life, abundant life, and all of his divine nature. 

If you have already received Jesus Christ, are you enjoying fellowship with him all the time?  He is a gift to be enjoyed everyday throughout the day.  He desires fellowship with you and he is available for you to have fellowship with him continually.  Remarkably, he can fellowship with each one of us as if we are the only ones with whom he is having fellowship at the time.  You have his undivided attention.

What have you done with your gift of his word?  Ps 68:11 says, “God gave the word…”.  He gave it to you to read and believe.  And he gave it to you to live by.  In his words he speaks to you everyday and gives you just what you need for the day.  This wonderful book is alive.  

A young man with whom I visited recently said that he was an atheist.  In his testimony, he said that if God were real he should speak to us and he should show himself.  I replied that he does speak to us.  He wrote us a book and the words in it have a voice, 1 Sam 15:1.  And he has shown himself.  Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh.  He did things that only God can do and he rose from the dead.

If you read, believe, and live by is words, do you publish them?  Ps 68:11 says, “great was the company of those that published it”.  You should be among the company of those who publish his words.  When you are in them everyday, they are in you, as well.  And they come out when you are engaged in conversations with people.  The Holy Spirit uses these conversations to give his words to those with whom you speak.

What have you done with the gift of your pastor?  Eph 4:11-15.  Jesus Christ gave pastors and teachers to the church, to edify the saints, by speaking the truth in love.  Your pastor works diligently to prepare himself and prepare his lessons and sermons for your benefit.  You are really missing out if you are skipping out on the services when he is preaching and teaching what God has given him for you.  Every Tim he teaches and preaches you can learn and grow.

What have you done with your spiritual gift?  1 Cor 12:1, 4, 7, 11.  Every single one of us has been given a spiritual gift.  Do you even know what your gift from God is?  If not, you should seek the Lord and yield to his Holy Spirit to discern what your gift is.  And then you should allow God to use you with the gift he has given you to minister to his body.  One of the most enjoyable things about the ministry is watching saints use their spiritual gifts to serve and help others.  

Conclusion: God has given you at least four gifts.  He has given you his Son, he has given you his word, he has given you your pastor, and he has given you a spiritual gift.  Receive and enjoy these gifts from God everyday.