What Can You Eat?

What Can You Eat?

Romans 14:1-3


What can a Christian eat? What should a Christian eat? What does the Bible have to say? The short answer is; the Bible has a lot to say about it. So what should a Christian consider concerning food?

Are you Glorifying God?

[1Cor.10:31] Do all to the Glory of God. What , why , when , who you eat with, and how? Some thought needs to be applied to these questions so that God is glorified.

[1Cor.6:19-20] Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; you should glorify God in your body. If you are saved, you have been bought with a price, your body is not yours, at this point you are just a steward.


Are you eating for Your Health?

[1Cor.3:16-17] Your body is the temple of God; you should not defile it. Your responsibility is to not defile this body, you must learn what your body will profit from and what it is defiled by.

[1Cor.9:27] You should bring your body under subjection.

[Prov.23:21] Are you a glutton? (one who eats excessively)

[Gal.5:17] Your flesh is at war with the Spirit, who is winning? Usually the one you feed the most will be the strongest.


Can you in good conscience bow your head and ask God to bless it?

[1Tim.4:4-5] Nothing to be refused, if prayed over. (Yes you can eat all of the items in Lev.11 and Deu. 14)

[Rom.14:6] If refused, still give God thanks.


Do you eat to protect your testimony?

[Rom.14:3] Don’t burden or judge others with your convictions! (Vegan, No sugar, Gluten free)

[1Cor.6:12] All things are lawful but not expedient (proper under the circumstances)

[1 Cor.10:23] Edify not. Build up and not tear down

[1Cor.10:25-31] Example of bad testimony to others and causing them to stumble.