What a Blessing

What a Blessing

Acts. 12:5


Prayer is a blessing. Too often we totally disregard who we are speaking to. We also throw “in Jesus name” in front of Amen as a good Christian sounding sign off. This lesson is a reminder of what a blessing and privilege it is to be able to access the throne of God at our convenience.


We Pray to God

  • [Acts 12-5] Prayer was made “unto God”, We as born again children of God go directly to the top. Lord God Almighty, Creator of all, All Knowing, All Powerful, And Everywhere at one time. We don’t pray to Mary, or even Jesus, but to God.
  • [Eph.3:11-12] We have access with boldness and confidence, wow.
  • [Heb.4:16] We can come boldly to the Throne of God! What a blessing

We Pray Through Jesus Christ

  • [Rom.1:8, 7:25] Our access comes “through Jesus Christ”
  • [Jn.14:13-14] [Jn.16:23-24] We are allowed access by praying or asking “in his name”
  • Illustration: We have friends that have a great private box at the baseball field. Sometimes they give us their tickets. When they do, we then have access to something that we could never had done on our own. We are allowed this access because of “their” name and not ours.
  • [1Pet.3:18] Jesus is the one who brought you to God in the first place
  • [1 Tim. 2:5] He was and still is our mediator
  • [Rom.8:34] He intercedes for us, especially in salvation [Heb.7:25]
  • [Heb.9:24] But he has not stopped, He intercedes for you NOW. What a blessing

We pray in The Power of The Holy Spirit

  • [Eph.6:18] The Holy Spirit is a huge part of your prayers
  • [Rom.8:26-27] He also intercedes for you, and helps to get your prayers in God’s will
  • [Lk. 24:49] Promised that we would be endued with power
  • [Acts 1:8] They were waiting to receive that power, the Holy Spirit
  • [Jn.14:13-17] Read this passage and you will see that we should pray in Jesus name and the promise again of the Holy Spirit in the same context.
  • Jesus gives you access and the Holy Spirit gives power to your prayers. What a blessing

Next time you bow you head to pray, think about how blessed you are to be able to pray to God, himself. You also have access to Him through your Saviour, Jesus Christ, and you have the help you need from the power of the Holy Spirit. Wow, what a blessing