The Way To Live, Prov 3:1-2

Prov 3 1-2 This Is The Way To Live CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Imagine that Prov 3:1-2 is God the Father talking to you as his child.  He’s telling you that keeping his commandments provides personal benefits to you.  They add length of days, long life and peace to you.  In Deut 5:32-33, he promised Israel that they would live and it would be well with them if they would walk in his commandments.  Even though we are under grace and no longer observe the sabbath, you ought to keep God’s commandments.  This is the way to live.

The Lord must be your only God – Ex 20:3 – you should worship none else; you should serve none else.  Don’t let anyone or any lust influence you in any direction contrary to God.  You should love him with all of your heart, soul and mind [Matt 22:37].  The Lord is better to you than any other person in the world.  When you follow him you will never look back on any part of your life with regret.  And God will always be on your side.  What a way to live.

Don’t bow down or serve graven images – Ex 20:4-6 false religions make images for you to worship.  Don’t worship them.  They are all man made, they all put you in bondage to fear and they all make you superstitious [Acts 17:22].  Who would want to live like that?  Interestingly, the Catholic Church has removed this command from the ten commandments and has split the tenth commandment in two to cover their removal.  If they really believed that their images were only aids to worship, they would have had no reason to hide this commandment.  By the way, don’t serve mammon [Matt 6:24].  The love of money is the root of all evil [1 Tim 6:10].

Don’t take God’s name in vain – Ex 20:7 – this not only includes cursing but also expressions like, “O Lord” or “O my Gosh” or “Jeez.” Reverence his name and his Book.  Hold them both in the highest esteem.  They are to be magnified [Ps 138:2; Phil 2:9-11].  He doesn’t hold them guiltless who take his name in vain.

Go to church – Ex 20:8 – we don’t keep the sabbath, but you and your family should be in church together and you should set aside the rest of the day for the Lord.  The family that prays together; stays together.  This is the way to live.

Honor your father and mother – Ex 20:12 – you will have peace all of your days when you honor them because you will never have conflict with them.  They love you more than anyone else on earth.   This is the way to live.

Don’t kill – Ex 20:13 – this has obvious benefits to you and to the other person. Rule your spirit.  Control your anger.  Don’t succumb to road rage.  Don’t put down people and attempt to manipulate them with anger.  You can surely see the benefits to this.

Don’t commit adultery – Ex 20:14 – stay pure and wait till marriage.  Remain faithful to your spouse.  You will never have to worry about STD’s, being accused of inappropriate behavior or unfaithfulness.  A doctor was accused of having an affair.  He just smiled and said, “I know that she’s lying.  I have never had relations with any other woman in my life besides my wife.”  What a testimony.  This is the way to live.

Don’t steal – Ex 20:15 – many people are behind bars today because they wanted something they couldn’t afford (usually drugs) and stole to pay for what they wanted.  Learn to work, instead [Eph 4:28], and live within your means.  And don’t steal from your employer by working for less time than he or she pays you.

Don’t bear false witness or lie – Ex 20:16 – tell the truth all the time [Eph 4:25].  This is so much better and you build trust with folks.  You establish credibility and integrity with honesty.

Don’t covet – Ex 20:17 – this was the Pharisees’ problem.  This is what ruins rulers.  This is idolatry.  How much better off you are when you don’t covet.  You become content.  Paul said, “But godliness with contentment is great gain,” [1 Tim 6:6].  Living, all the time, with godly contentment provides greater satisfaction than anything else on earth.

Conclusion: now this is the way to live.