Waiting on God

Waiting on God


Waiting on God is probably the hardest thing for a Christian to do. We live in a Now, now, now world. Everything is instant, everything must be fast. Computers, phones, etc. are fast today and need to be faster. When we need direction or help from God, we want it NOW, and we don’t want to wait. Let’s look at how this waiting should work.

[Ps.62:1,5] Wait on God with your soul.

  • Your soul is the center of your emotions and affections.
  • You have trusted God for the salvation of your soul; do you have a problem waiting for that?
  • God is the only one worth waiting on.
[Ps.130:6] Wait on God with earnest desire.

  • You need to have a real expectation that God will come through for you.
  • You need to have an earnest desire to see the answer, whatever it is.
[Ps.40:1] Wait on God patiently.

  • You could be being tested [James 1:2-4]
  • It may take a while [Ps.69:3]
[Lam.3:26] Wait on God with resignation.

  • You should be resigned to the fact that it is in God’s hands
  • If you run and pick it back up, God will let you have it back.
[Ps.130:5] Wait on God with hope in His Word.

  • The Bible is full of promises that you can count on
  • You will be judged by that same word [John 12:47-48]
[Ps.59:1-9] Wait on God, especially in adversity.

  • Easy to wait on God for little things
  • “because of his strength” he is bigger than your problem
  • The impossible is his specialty
[Ps.62:5] If we wait upon Him only:

  • [Ps.40:1] we are heard
  • [Isa.30:18] we are blessed
  • [Lam.3:25] we experience His goodness
  • [Ps.25:3] we will not be ashamed
  • [Isa.40:31] we will renew our strength
  • [Isa.64:4] we will receive better than we thought