Victory Over Sin, 1 Cor 10:13

Victory Over Sin 1 Cor. 10:13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Victory over sin is a moment by moment and day by day thing.  You don’t wake up one day and suddenly find that you have no more trouble with sin in your life.  Your trouble with sin stems from one of two problems: 1. You are unsaved and therefore incapable of getting victory over sin; or 2. You are saved you don’t know the scriptures that you must believe to strengthen your faith in the battle with sin.

If you are unsaved, watch the video on our web site called “Eternal Life.”  That is a plain presentation of the gospel that will help you get saved. If you need more help than that, I encourage you to call so we can direct you to other verses that will show you how to be saved.

If you are saved but you are defeated by a particular sin, then you have a different thing to deal with.  We have some verses for you to read very carefully.  Meditate on them until the Holy Spirit gives you some light.  Here are some verses that will help you get victory over sin:

1 Cor. 10:13 – Your temptation is common, God is faithful, he’ll make a way to escape.  Your trouble with temptation is a common problem that all people have. We may not do the same sin that you do, but we are all tempted exactly the same way. It’s God’s faithfulness that gets us through the temptation, not our own resolve. And there is a way to escape every time, if you will trust God to get you through.

James 1:14-15 – The root of your problem is lust.  Lust leads to sin and sin leads to death.  So, this is a serious problem.  You must deal with your sin at the root of lust.

Rom. 7:15-21 – Sin is in your flesh.  Your new birth in Christ didn’t get rid of your problem with sin in the flesh. That problem will not go away until you die or we are changed at the Rapture.  So, you must learn how to fight sin and win if you are ever going to have victory over sin.

Rom. 6:13-14 – Don’t yield your members to sin.  One of the ways to win is “don’t yield” to the temptation.  People get the idea that they can imagine a thing in their minds without sinning. No way. The least amount of thinking on a particular sin allows the flesh to build a lust that will not be satisfied until you “give in.” The way to fight is to not even think about the sin for one second.  And then yield to the Holy Spirit instead of to the lustful thoughts.

2 Cor. 10:3-6 – Make your thoughts obey Christ.   Allow Christ to take control of your mind.  He will do that as you read your Bible.  It takes several pages of reading each day to get your mind under Christ’s control each day. Read from Genesis all the way to Revelation and read it over and over.

Phil. 4:8 – Occupy your mind with pure thoughts.  You cannot keep thinking the way you have in the past.  I am convinced that much of the trouble with sin is in the thoughts of the heart.  Victory over sin begins on the inside with truthful, pure thinking.

1 Cor. 6:9-11 – Realize that you are a new creature and not what you were.  Believe what the Bible says regarding God’s forgiveness.  The devil tries to defeat you by getting you to look at your sin.  God encourages you by getting you to look at what you are after you get saved.  You are washed (that’s clean), sanctified (that’s set apart as a clean vessel to do something for God), and justified (that’s declared “not guilty” at a judgment before God).  Look at the sins in the list.  They are vile.  But the people who committed those things are no longer what they used to be.  And neither are you if you will simply believe what God said about it and yield yourself to do God’s will instead of your own.

Rom. 6:11-12 – Practice dead reckoning.  Remember that, as far as God is concerned, you are physically a “dead man.” Corpses don’t give in to lust.  They can’t [Gal 2:20].

Phil. 3:13 – Forget the past. The devil uses guilt over the past to get you to think about the sin again. It’s a clever way to bring up the lustful thoughts and to discourage you. Instead, look at the things that are before you and what God wants you to become.

Heb. 9:14 – Plead the blood.  That is, when the thought comes up, cry out to the Lord to put it under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He’ll purge your conscience.

Col. 3:23-24 – Dedicate your time to serving the Lord. Do everything you can to glorify him.

Conclusion: I hope this helps you get victory over sin. We are not talking about an overnight success. These are tools that you will use till you die.  If you follow them, you will find yourself strengthening over time.  Be patient and be practical.  If you fall, get back up and keep going for God.