Trust in the Lord


Once we are saved, we trust in the Lord to keep us saved and secure.  But practically speaking, we don’t trust in the Lord for so many other things and in so many other situations and circumstances.  When you trust in the Lord:

You will rejoice – Ps 5:11; Ps 28:7 – it is easy to see our lack of trust in the way stressful events steal our joy – a person who trusts the Lord will not lose his joy in the midst of a trial [Neh 8:10; 2Cor 8:1-2].

You won’t run – Ps 11:1 – scary conditions often elicit a flight response – however, a person who trusts the Lord will not run when faced with such opposition; he’ll boldly stand.

You will see the Lord’s goodness – Ps 31:19; Ps 34:8 – [even in bad circumstances] – when something bad happens, a person who doesn’t practically trust the Lord will become angry with God and question what the Lord is allowing to happen in his life – a person who trusts the Lord won’t fret with God; instead he will see that God is good all the time.

You will draw close to the Lord – Ps 36:7 – [some distance themselves] – bad circumstances won’t put distance between you and the Lord – instead they will cause you to draw closer to him – when you face a trial and you cannot concentrate on prayer and you can’t read your Bible, the root problem is your lack of trust.

You will help others to trust him – Ps 40:3 – when you trust in the Lord, your life becomes a testimony to others, both saved and lost – they will see a unique ability to go through trying circumstances without fear and anxiety and they will realize that this ability must come from God.

You won’t trust things or people over God – Ps 44:6; Ps 52:7; Ps 118:8-9 – we have a tendency to rely upon our resources and friends instead of on the Lord – when you trust the Lord, you will never rely on your bank account more than on the Lord’s provision – imagine the widow who cared for Elijah – if she were like most of us, she would have lived in a constant state of panic each time she noticed that there was only one day of meal and oil left in the barrel and cruse – her trust was in the Lord not in the barrel.

You won’t be anxious – Ps 56:3, 11 – Christians do an awful lot of worrying these days and it is all due to the lack of trust in the Lord – when you truly trust him you don’t get in a panic.

You won’t be confused – Ps 71:1 – it is startling how many Christians are confused when things aren’t going just the way they expected or anticipated – if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and things are awry, your trust in the Lord will keep you from being confused about what’s going on.

You will be blessed – Ps 84:12 – one of the greatest privileges of trusting the Lord is the fact that he blesses us so abundantly when we trust him – next time you fret or get stressed about one event in your life, stop and count your blessings and name them one by one, it will surprise you what the Lord has done.