Trust in God

Ps 18 1-2, 30 Trust in God CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You need to trust in God.  One of the best ways to approach a text like this is to treat it the same way that a reporter does a news item: by asking who, what, when, why and how.

Who should trust him? You should.

With what should you trust him?  Your soul, your life, your health, your spouse, your family, your occupation, your church, your home, with literally everything

When should you trust him? Not when things are so chaotic that you are at your wits end – you should trust him when things are smooth and continue to trust him in the raging storms of life – some of the best Christians manage their own lives and only really lean on the Lord when they can no longer hold up under the pressure [too late]

Why should you trust him? Because he is trustworthy – he is your [my] rock – he is your fortress – he is your deliverer – he is your God – he is your strength – he is your buckler – he is the horn of your salvation – he is your high tower – his way is perfect

How should you trust him? Prov 3:5 with all thine heart – trust him exclusively to save you – trust him to take care of you through every single day of your life