We Are True Men Gen. 42:9-11

We Are True Men Gen. 42:9-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Joseph’s brothers were testifying to their honesty before Joseph because he had just accused them of being spies.  They said in reply to the accusation, We are true men.  They were truly not spies, but “true men” they were not [v.21].  For years, they had been living a lie before their father concerning Joseph’s disappearance.

We are preaching this text tonight, because we are to be true men.  True men:

Worship the true God – 1 Jn 5:20; Jn 14:6 – God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ are the true God – there is none other – many people reject this exclusivity and will do their best to shame you into allowing for other gods – or they will deceive you into believing that God and Jesus Christ are not real – they are real and they are the only one – true men worship THE true God.

Believe true words – Ps 119:160; Jn 8:31-32 – the King James Bible that I have on the pulpit and the King James Bible that you have in your lap are the true words of God – true men believe these words – they meditate on them and memorize them and live by them.

Give true answers – Prov 22:17-21; 1 Ki 22:15-18 – true men answer from the scripture – they answer as the oracles of God – and they answer firmly although the truth hurts – we have enough lies and opinions already, we don’t need more.

Think true thoughts – Phil 4:8; Acts 12:9 – you have heard that perception is reality – it’s not – so don’t think about things that aren’t true – center your thoughts on those things that you know to be true.

Make true comments – Eph 4:25; Prov 28:23 – don’t flatter people, tell them the truth – there’s no need to be unkind but then there’s no need to sugar coat your comments, either – and beware of making untrue comments about your children – little “Johnny” may not be “such a good boy.”

Provide true reports – 1 Ki 10:6-7; 3 Jn 12 – tell the absolute truth [if you are going to say anything, at all] about the things you’ve heard, seen and read – when speaking about yourself be truthful – people lie about themselves to portray an untrue picture – when asked, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth [unlike Adam in the garden, Gen 3:12].

Conclusion: Can you honestly say, “We are true men?”  If you can’t then go to work on that area in your life that is not true and line it up with the truth.