Things You Can Only See From God’s Point of View

Things you can only see from God’s Point of View

Psalm 73:1-28

In this passage we see that there are at least 3 perspectives, there is the write’s perspective, there is the perspective of the wicked, and God’s perspective. Keeping the right perspective in life can be a real challenge but having God’s perspective will be the difference we need to carry on.

3 Things you can only see from God’s perspective:

1)  That there is way more going on than you can see with the physical eye (verses 18-19)

  • For an illustration of this look in 2 Kings 6:8-17 at the account where God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant and allowed him to see the reality of the situation.
  • In the passage the writer could not understand why the wicked prospered and he seem not to but after drawing nigh to God and considering it from God’s point of view he saw their true end.
  • We must remember like the illustration with Job, there is always more going on than we realize.

2)  Your true position (verses 21-22)

  • For an illustration of this point look at Revelation 3:14-19 where the church at Laodicea was counseled of God to buy eye salve and anoint their eyes so that they might see.
  • If we draw nigh unto God and look at ourselves from his perspective, we will get a true picture of ourselves and really see how sinful we truly are.
  • Note how God was revealed unto Job through sight and not just the hearing hear through the ordeal that he faced (Job 42:6).

3)  Who the Lord truly is (verses 23-26)

  • In Luke 24:13-33 the disciples were walking and talking with the Lord and knew it not. But once their eyes were opened and they knew it was him, they had strength to carry on.
  • In our passage drawing nigh unto God and entering his sanctuary show us that he alone is our guide and strength (verse 24,26)