Things That Endure Forever

Things That Endure Forever

1 Peter 1:23-25

The word of God is said to live forever and to endure forever in this passage. But it in comparison we see that man and his glory fades like the grass. This gives us two important thoughts for our lesson. First we must consider what does endure forever and then we must keep focused on those things.

What can learn from this passage regarding things that endure forever?

1)  The word of God lives forever (Verse 23)

  • We often do not think about the word of God being alive but according to this verse it is alive.
  • This is why many do not like the word of God, it is not just a book it is alive.

2)  Our flesh will not endure forever (Verse 24)

  • From the moment we are born we are dying. This is not an encouraging fact but it is a true fact. James 4:14-17 illustrates this for us as well.

3)  We must be born again if we are going to endure (Verses 23-24)

  • Since man is corrupt and dying from the moment he is born he needs help if he is going to endure. This is where the word of God comes in, we must be born of again by the word of God which liveth and abideth forever.
  • We must remember that the word of God and Jesus Christ are connected and both are said to be life (John 1:1-14 ; 6:63)
  • Therefore if we are to endure we must have life which only comes by Jesus Christ.

4)  Not only does man himself not endure forever, but his glory does not endure either (Verse 24)

  • The glory of man is compared to the flower of the grass in this verse. This is showing us that all the things we can accomplish in this world will also pass away as well.
  • Solomon illustrates this for us in Ecclesiastes 2:4-11.

5)  Only the things done for Jesus Christ will truly endure (Verse 25)

  • Since the word of God endures forever as the verse states and it is connected with the gospel, the things we do for Jesus will endure forever.

In conclusion we can see that the only things that endure forever must have the life that comes from God and the works must be in line with the word of God and done for Jesus Christ. Let us focus more on the things that endure forever and less on things that fade away.

Things That Endure Forever : Handout

1 Peter 1:23-25

1)  What are two thoughts from this passage that we will consider in this lesson?

2)  What can we learn from this passage regarding things that endure forever?