All Things Are Possible With God Job 42:1-2

All Things Are Possible With God Job 42:1-2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We are going to examine five places in the Bible where it is evident that all things are possible with God.  Each of these is in the context of a miraculous birth.  Each of these is impossible without God.  Each of these demonstrates the right response that we should have with God when confronted with the possibility of Him doing the impossible.  Those impossible things that are possible with God include:

The Earth’s Birth – Job 42:2 – From Job 38:1 until this verse, God has been questioning and teaching Job about things concerning his creation.  Up to this point, as it concerns Job’s relationship to God, Job had justified himself [Job 35:2] and contended with God [Job 40:2] when it didn’t go with him the way that he thought it should go.  However, after hearing about creation and believing what he had been told, Job repented to God [Job 42:5-6].  Men who refuse to believe in God’s miraculous creation justify themselves and contend with God.  They need to repent.

Isaac’s Birth – Gen 18:14 – When Sarah first heard the angel prophesy the birth of her son she laughed like scoffers who don’t believe God can do the impossible.  However, it is evident that she and Abraham obeyed because she conceived and bore her son [Gen 21:118].  We know that they believed and obeyed God from Gen 22:15-18.  Through this miraculous birth, God brought forth the promised seed of Israel and the promised seed of Jesus Christ.

Israel’s Birth and Rebirth – Jer 32:17, 27 – in the context of these verses we read about the birth of Israel as a nation in Egypt and we read about their supernatural rebirth following captivity [2nd Advent]. After their first birth, Israel turned away from the Lord.  But before their rebirth they will fear God.

Jesus’ Virgin Birth – Lk 1:37 – the miraculous birth of Jesus was questioned by Mary.  She simply wanted to know how she could have a child without a man; this was impossible.  So, the Lord explained that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and no man would be necessary.  Mary believed and humbled herself.

Your New Birth – Matt 19:26 – in this context a rich ruler approached Jesus with a question about inheriting eternal life.  Jesus replied that he needed to give all of his wealth to the poor, among other things.  The rich young ruler went away sorrowful because he was very rich.  And Jesus explained that a man who trusts in his riches cannot be saved.  We know that being born again is a miracle that only God can perform.  In order for him to perform it in your life, you must believe him and then follow him after you are born again like the disciples followed him here.

Conclusion: Nothing is impossible with God.  No matter what you face, your right response before God is to repent, obey him, fear him, humble yourself and follow him.