There Is Only One Way

There Is Only One Way

 (Genesis 28:10-21)

In this passage God is personally revealing himself to Jacob and assuring him that the promises given to Abraham and Isaac concerning the land will now be given unto him. This passage is full of types of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this sermon we will look at two of these and show that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

The Anointed Rock (verse 31)

After awaking from his dream Jacob takes the rock he was using for a pillow, anoints it, and sets it up as a pillar. It is interesting that man has been using rocks in connection with worship for a long time. Below we will list some examples.

1) Stonehenge – Great mystery believed to be connected with worship.

2) The Blarney Stone – Kiss this stone for the gift of eloquence or flattery.

3) Black Stone in Kaaba – Very sacred stone to Muslims (who also try to touch or kiss it)

4) Stone of Destiny – Used in coronations of Kings (believed by some to be Jacob’s stone)

The fact that man uses stones in religious ways is not surprising when one considers the fact that Jesus is the Rock.

  • 1 Corinthians 10:4 (The same spiritual rock which was Christ)
  • Matthew 16 :13-18 (Rock is Jesus and not Peter)
  • Luke 20:17-18 (Stone which the builders rejected is the head of the corner which is Jesus Christ)

*This explains why many religions use pyramids or pyramid shaped structures as temples or for worship.

*Note that in Deuteronomy 32:31 that these false rocks are not as our Rock.

The Ladder (verse 12)

Now we will look at the Ladder in Jacobs dream as the only way to Heaven.

1) The Ladder connected between Heaven and Earth

  • Man has been trying to get from earth to heaven himself since Adam sinned.
  • The problem is that man must start in the dirt and work his way up, this approach always fails (Genesis 11:1-4)

2)  The Solution is that God must come down since man cannot go up.

  • John 3:1-8 (Man is a sinner and needs a new birth)
  • John 3:13 (No one can ascend up to heaven themselves)
  • John 3:13-14 (Gods solution was to come in the flesh and die in man’s place)
  • John 3:14-16 (Through faith in Jesus Christ a person can be saved and make it to heaven)

3)  There is only one ladder that will get you to heaven and it is Jesus (John 1:51)

  • John 14:6 and 1 Timothy 2:5