The Words of the Lord

 The Words of the Lord Ps 12: 6-7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Words of the Lord are:

Pure – Ps 12:6 – there is absolutely no flaw in these words at all – they are the only truly pure things on earth – they are purer than the purest gold [which would have to be transparent (Rev 21:21)] – therefore, there is no way to improve these words by modernizing them.

Preserved – Ps 12:7 – everything that God said and recorded in writing that he wants you to have is in this Bible – he has preserved his words here in English even though the original autographs are no longer in existence – heaven and earth will pass away but these words will not pass away – 10,000,000 years from now, you will be able to read these exact same words!

Profitable – 2 Tim 3:16-17 – these words accomplish every purpose which God intends for them – they teach you, they correct you, they reprove you, and they instruct you so that you can be perfect and thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Perfect – Ps 19:7 – and it is by these perfect words that men are converted – that’s why we continue to preach them, teach them and give them to the lost.

Published – Ps 68:11 – two words in this verse jump right off the page – the word “company” indicating that God’s plan to publish his words is a joint effort of an organized group of people working together – and the word “great” indicating that this group is not just an elite few but a large group of God’s children.

Conclusion: Consider a jigsaw puzzle – it has many pieces – there are only 4 corner pieces – there are a fair number of border pieces – and all the rest form the entire picture within the borders – that puzzle is like the company that publish God’s words – it takes all the pieces to make the picture and it takes all the company to effectively publish his words – the one thing you notice the most about the puzzle is when one of the pieces is missing!!  Don’t be the missing piece.  Pray and ask God to fit you where you belong in the company of those who publish his words!