The Weapons of Our Warfare, 2 Cor 10:3-6

In this third broadcast in our series on your thought life, we will take a look at some weapons of our warfare.  We mentioned a few of the mighty weapons in yesterday’s broadcast.

Some Weapons of Our Warfare

Prov 16:3 – commit your works to the Lord.  When you commit your works to the Lord your thoughts will be established.

Ps 19:14 — meditate on things acceptable to God.  When you stop to meditate on things acceptable to God, you quit thinking about things you shouldn’t be thinking about.

Is 26:3 — keep your mind stayed on the Lord.  People have a hard time getting their mind stayed on anything.  Nevertheless, when you can get your mind stayed on the Lord, then it’s not stuck on wicked imaginations and evil thoughts.

Col 3:15-16 — sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  These always lift your spirit into praise and thanksgiving and away from thoughts and imaginations that are not pleasing to God.

Phil 4:8 — think good thoughts.  This verse of Scripture is a template for the right kind of thinking.  If you’re going to think about anything, make sure it’s one of these six things.

Jn 15:3 — listen to the Bible being read.  My preference is Alexander Scourby reading the King James Bible.  I have been listening to his recording for over 30 years.  The spoken word of God will clean you.  You can set the timer on your app and fall asleep listening to the Bible rather than thinking about things you shouldn’t be thinking about.


If you will utilize these weapons of our warfare, your thought life will make dramatic improvements, in time. And not only that, according to 2 Cor 10:6, you should be ready to revenge the disobedience of your past thought life when your obedience is fulfilled.  Furthermore, since your actions follow your thoughts, as you think right, you will do right.