The Voice of God, Ex 19:5-8

The Voice of God Ex. 19:5-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ex 19:5-8, Moses told Israel to obey the voice of God.  And the people said, “All that the Lord hath spoken we will do.”  The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to hear the voice of God.  They say they do; but they don’t [Ezek 33:31].  They won’t hear God words and follow him whether they hear the voice of God:

Spoken by God – Ex 20:19; Heb 12:18-20 – God spoke to Israel from mount Sinai and gave them the Ten Commandments with his voice.  They were so scared that they told Moses they didn’t want to hear his voice again.  In fact, they were so opposed to the voice of God that they would kill God if they could.  In the USA, they have tried to silence his voice by removing him from public.  God, with his own voice, pronounced that Jesus Christ is his beloved Son.  Nevertheless, at Jesus’ trial, when he affirmed that he is the Son of God, they accused him of blasphemy.  They refused to believe the voice of God.

Spoken by Jesus – Jn 7:16, 8:28, 8:47 – Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was the great miracle worker; performing miracles that only God could do.  He manifested to Israel that he is God in the flesh.  And when he preached, he spoke the voice of God.  He said only those things that God wanted him to say.  And yet they killed Jesus because they cannot stand the voice of God.

Spoken by a Prophet – 1 Sam 3:21, 8:7-8, 15:1 – God revealed himself to Samuel by the word of the Lord.  And Samuel spoke the words of God to others.  When many of the other prophets spoke and said, “Thus saith the Lord…” they were killed for speaking with the voice of God.  That’s because those who killed them rejected the words of the Lord.

Spoken by a Preacher – Acts 6:8-10, 8:51 – Stephen was a man full of the Holy Ghost and he preached the words of God when he was moved by the Holy Ghost [2 Pet 1:21].  And yet they killed Stephen because they can’t stand the voice of God.  Millions of Christians during the Dark Ages were killed for the same thing.

Written in His Book – 2 Pet 1:19-20, 3:16; 2 Cor 2:17 – the Holy Bible is the voice of God in writing.  And men would kill the scripture if they could [Matt 24:35].  In essence, they have killed the scripture with their scholarship and translation work.  Thank God there are still some who recognize the voice of God in the King James Bible and still believe and preach it.

Conclusion: The voice of God must continue to ring out in spite of man’s hatred for God’s words.  Jesus said if they hate you they hated me first.  Keep preaching.  Be instant in season and out of season.  Don’t’ back down just because they don’t like God’s words.  If you hush, you are complicit in their efforts to stop the words of God.  The Bible says that the time will come when will not endure sound doctrine.  That time has come.  If you change the words to man’s words to appease that crowd, then you are complicit in silencing the voice of God.  Preach it!!