The Unknown Bible is a 30-minute radio broadcast airing weekdays at 4:00 pm on KCTA AM 1030. This powerful radio station covers the entire Texas Gulf  Coast and can often be heard in parts of Houston, San Antonio and the southern part of Austin. Radio broadcasts can also be heard live on the internet on the KCTA website at 4 pm Central Time, the Baptist Radio Network website at 4 pm Eastern Time, and the Final Fight Bible Radio website at 3 pm Pacific Time.  You can also listen to the broadcasts or download them later from our Unknown Bible Radio Archives.  Pastor Welder’s program is unique in that he commonly preaches through entire books of the Bible and often covers every verse in the book. In over 16 years of continuous radio preaching he has preached through all of the New Testament with the exception of Mark and Luke, and he has preached most of the Old Testament. Regular listeners have learned vast amounts of Bible doctrine and practical spiritual truths just through listening to the preaching and teaching of God’s words in the King James Bible.  You’ll never hear Pastor Welder correct God’s words with Greek or Hebrew and he’ll never use a modern Bible to change God’s words.  Never once has Pastor Welder asked for listeners’ money and he never will.