The Throne of Iniquity, Ps 94:20

The Throne of Iniquity

Ps 94:20 says, “Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?”  I have been praying a lot, like you have, for our folks to draw closer to God, for medical professionals to be safe and wise and understanding, for those in authority to make the right decisions, for the lost to come to Jesus Christ, for opportunities to be a blessing to others in a time of need, for wisdom to direct, and so forth.  And I’m so thankful that we are hearing so many answers to prayer during this season.  God continues to bless his people abundantly and you’re probably more aware of it now than you were a month ago.

I have also been taking advantage of social distancing, like you have, to draw closer to God.  In Mk 6:31, the Lord instructed his disciples to come apart for awhile and get some rest.  Because we have had to “stay at home” I’m hearing an overwhelming number of stories from people about how much closer to the Lord they are right now than before all this started.  They’re reading their Bibles more, they’re praying more, they’re spending more time with their families, they’re dealing with sin in their lives and getting in better fellowship with the Lord than they may have ever been.  The Lord has dealt very specifically with me about some things in my life and I have had the time to change some things.  It’s been so good.  I know you wish right now that you could speak and tell us what the Lord has been doing in your life.

But something has been bugging me, at the same time.  Suddenly, there are people, who wanted nothing to do with God before this coronavirus started and will likely want nothing to do with God when things settle down, suggesting that we pray.  And I’m thinking, “Why don’t you pray?”  “Why don’t you get right with God like those of us who know him have been doing?”  I’m convicted to speak out by Ps 94:16.

We’re living a country right now that “frameth mischief by a law.”  And the Psalmist asked “Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee (God)?”  He went on to say in verse 21, “They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.”  That’s what they did to Jesus.  I’m thinking about the 50,000,000 innocent babies that have legally been murdered because some judges said it was the law.  They’re wanting us to pray to God to save the lives of people infected with the coronavirus while there are nearly 2,000 babies being aborted per day in this country by the laws they passed.  And I’m thinking, “How in the world do they think God is going to listen to them?”  I can’t get Prov 1:24-33 out of my mind.

By the same laws, they taught the children in our country that there is no God; they evolved.  They said that it’s not legal to teach creation in school as the explanation for how the earth and humans came into existence.  They said it’s not legal to use the Bible in school as a book that explains our existence and the existence of God.  They taught our children in school that it’s not legal to pray to God in school.  “Forbidden,” they said.  That’s the law.  Who said?  Some judges said.  

And yet now that we are in a medical crisis, they say, please pray.  To whom?  How?  For what?  You told us God doesn’t exist.  You told us not to pray.  You taught us, instead, through sex education how to fornicate “safely.”  You taught us that gender identity is what you think and feel that it is regardless of your biological makeup.  Now you’re saying to pray.  But your laws have framed mischief against the very God from whom you are now seeking help.  Can’t you make up your mind?

Look, those of us who know God and who have not turned our back on God know how to pray and we’ve been praying long before this crisis started.  What we have been able to do is get even closer to the God we know and love.  What we’ve been able to do is see God point out areas in our lives that have needed a spiritual tune up.  We have benefited greatly and we have seen God answer our prayers all along.  

But you want to simply escape this so called “disaster” and then get back to framing more laws of mischief.  You want to go right on with life as usual, further and further from God.  We don’t want that, for us, fo you, or for our country in which we live.  We want you to get right with God.  So, we have a suggestion for you.  

You are going to face the judge of the whole earth one of these days, Heb 9:27.  That’s right.  You have been celebrating the mischief that has been framed by our laws.  You have prided yourself and the judges who made these things legal.  And you smugly smile and say, “His word is final, Mr. Christian, you’re just going to have to live with these laws.”  And I reply, “No Mr. Proud Man, the judge’s word is not final.”  He or she and you, both, are going to stand before the Judge of all judges, the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.  And he is going to judge for the final time.  His word is final.  

So that you won’t think he is unfair, he has already told you how he’s going to judge.  He’s told you what he thinks about killing babies.  Pharaoh did it.  And God drowned him in the sea.  Manasseh did it and God destroyed the whole country of Judah for those sins.  The nations who inhabited the land of Canaan before Israel returned to occupy it had been committing exactly the same sexual and murderous sins that we have legalized in this country and God wiped out those nations.  Sodom and Gomorrah is not a fairy tale.  It is a historical and Biblical fact.  It’s the end of all nations who turn their back on God Ps 9:17.

So, while we’re praying to God Almighty, the one you taught our children doesn’t exist, and we’re getting things right with him, you should start praying to him, as well.  Repent of your sin right now and come to the Judge seeking his mercy.  Because of what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross of Calvary, when he died for all these sins you have now legalized, he will forgive you, gladly receive you and make you his child forever.  He is willing to forgive the whole mess if you will turn to him and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  You are absolutely assured of his mercy according to 2 Pet 3:9.

Look, you’re going to either face God in Ps 94:22, as the rock of your refuge, or you’re going to face him in Ps 94:23, when he cuts you off in your own wickedness.  The choice is yours.  I would turn away from the throne of iniquity right now and come boldly unto his throne of grace, instead, Heb 4:16.  God’s waiting on you.