The Snare of the Devil – Sin

The Snare of the Devil – Sin


[Ps.1:17] “Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.” Rarely will an animal fall in to a snare that is not disguised. Trappers are very diligent to remove all human smell from traps and snares, or else the animal they intend to catch will not fall for the trick. Well humans are far more intelligent than animals, right? Sadly, we continually fall in to the snare of the devil even though we are warned over and over. The snare of the devil is very simple, it’s SIN.

[1Jn.1:9] Don’t deceive yourself; we all have the same problem.

[2Tim.2:22-26] Timothy is being instructed about this snare of the devil. The main point to retain here is that people caught by the snare of the devil are “taken captive by, at his will”. We are bombarded by sin every day of our lives and are instructed by the Bible exactly what sin is, what it looks like, what it smells like, what it sounds like, what it taste like, and what it feels like. We then choose to walk right into the snare of the devil. We have no fear of SIN. Why?


  • [Rom.3:18] We have no fear of God
[Phil.2:12] Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (daily)

[2Cor.5:11] Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord (at the judgment it’s pay day)



  • [Ecc.8:11] No instant slap on the hand
[Gal.6:7-8] “shall reap” not might reap.

Most of us sow like the devil and then beg God for a crop failure.


  • [Ps.90:7-8] We do it secretly
[Ps.90:7-8] Secret sins

[Jer.23:23-24] There are no secret places

[Prov.15:3] The eyes of the Lord are in every place


[Ps.32], in this Psalm of David, God is spelling out a warning to us about this snare of the devil. Don’t keep silent (or keep it secret), confess it to the Lord. He is faithful to forgive [1Jn.1:9]. But do it while there is time, before it is too late. Then, you can be glad in the Lord and rest in his hiding place.