The Right Roots, Col 2:7

The Right Roots Col. 2:7  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In a previous broadcast we preached about the root problem in your life.  That is most people deal with the fruit of their problems but they never get down to the root problem.  If you don’t get down to the root, you aren’t going to ever solve the problem.

In today’s broadcast we are going to discuss the right roots in your life.  That is if your life is planted in Jesus Christ and your decisions and actions are founded upon the right Biblical roots, the tree of your life is going to be a good tree.  Here are the right roots:

The Root of Jesus Christ – Col 2:7.  Jesus Christ is the root of salvation [Rev 22:16].  Many people have established their faith in their religion.  Others have founded their lives on a belief contrary to religion [something like evolution].  Others are free-wheelers and care nothing about having a foundation in their lives.  They just live for today.  In all of these lives the trouble comes when they try to deal with spiritual matters.  Their trees are full of bad fruit because they do not have the spiritual life of Christ in them [Jn 5:12].  You will never have the right spiritual fruit in your life until you receive Jesus Christ and he gives you his life, eternal life.

The Root of Righteousness – Prov 12:3.  After you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior then everything you do and every decision you make needs to grow off of the root of righteousness.  When you make right decisions and you do the right things, you are going to bear good fruit.  When you yield to the righteousness of Jesus Christ in you, your life is going to begin to look like his.  Your decisions will be right, your relationships will be right, your attitude will be right, your occupation will be right, your life is going to be right.

The Root of Holiness – Rom 11:16.  The root in your life when you are saved is a root of holiness.  And holiness is a neglected doctrine today.  Most Christians today are carnal.  Some are exceedingly carnal and they have virtually no conscience about their carnality.  They are fine with their lives just the way they are.  The Lord wants us to be holy, “be ye holy; for I am holy,” [1 Pet 1:16].  If you want to get sin out of your life then you must let the holiness of the Lord permeate your life so that the fruit of his holiness will be evident in your life.  In other words, you don’t need to “act” holy when you are around others.  You simply cut out the sins of the old man in your life and let the holiness of God produce the fruit of the new man in your life.

The Root of Love – Eph 3:17.  We are to be rooted and grounded in love.  Well then this is not the humanistic, sensual, religious love that drives modern day Christianity.  This is the love of God.  If his love is in your root then several things are going to be true.  You are going to love God first and foremost.  And you are going to love the brethren as Christ loved them [this includes your spouse and children].  You are going to love the words of God.  And you are going to love the things that are above.  You are going to love the things that God loves AND you are going to hate the things that God hates.  This is where the modern, sensual love is lacking.  Their love has no boundaries.  They love those who aren’t saved as if they were saved.  And they don’t hate sin.  They love things down here [pleasures] more than they love the things that are above.  And they are in love with their concept of God rather than with the true living God.

Conclusion: If your life is rooted in Jesus Christ, in righteousness, in holiness and in love then you are going to have a very fruitful life that it very pleasing to God.