The Prosperity of Fools Shall Destroy Them

The Prosperity of Fools Shall Destroy Them

Prov. 1:32


Our disposition to abuse the blessings of God renders prosperity dangerous. We all seek and enjoy prosperity. How we handle it is very important. Solomon said, the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. Prosperity is a very “relative” thing. What I consider prosperity may not be prosperity to someone else. Many people are “big fish in a small pond”, meaning that they are quite prosperous in their small world as compared to someone else in other surroundings. But our nature is to allow prosperity to get between us and the Lord, instead of it making us closer to the Lord.

Let’s look at Nabal in 1 Sam. 25:1-38

[1Sam. 25:6] “him that liveth in prosperity” He was very blessed, and “very great” (v: 2)


[1Sam.25:3] Description of Nabal – “churlish and evil in his doings”


Someone that is churlish is “surly” or arrogant.

  • [1Sam.25:10] He defames David (Who does he think he is?)
  • [1Sam.25:3] states that he was of the house of Caleb
  • [Numbers 13:6] Caleb is from the tribe of Judah, just as is David, They are family.
  • [Gal.6:9-10] We should be better to our family than anyone else.

Someone that is churlish is also selfish.

  • [1Sam.25:11] he wasn’t about to give anything away.
  • Selfishness is a sign of loving the things of this world, your prosperity.
  • [1 John 2:15-17] Prosperity destroyed Nabal and will destroy you also


Look at David [1 Chron. 29:10-14] willingly giving, not selfish

[Deu.8:17-18] God gives you the power to get wealth

[Ecc.5:19] It is a gift of God

[John 15:5] Without me ye can do nothing

Make sure that you don’t let prosperity destroy you. Instead let it be a testimony of God’s provision and love for you, and a path to grow closer to the Lord.