The Power of the Rod Ps. 110:2

The Power of the Rod Ps.110:2. CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

(Psalm 110:2 ; Isaiah 11:1) 

In these two verses we see that Jesus Christ is referred to as a rod. When we think of a rod we think back to the rod used by Aaron and the one used by Moses. These rods were connected with the great power of God. God did many wonderful miracles with Moses and Aaron using these rods. In this sermon we will look at the rod of Aaron being a type of the Lord Jesus Christ, and how that through salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ we have access to a power that can accomplish great things for God.

Aaron’s Rod as a Type of Jesus Christ :

1)  It is picture of the Death of Jesus Christ (Exodus 7:10-13)

  • To get a rod a tree or at least part of a tree must die. Jesus Christ died for our sins.
  • Note in the miracle that Aaron did before Pharaoh that his rod was cast down. The Lord Jesus Christ gave up his home in glory to come down to this earth to die for us (Philippians 2:5-8).
  • When Aaron cast his rod down it became a serpent. The serpent has been a symbol of sin ever since the Garden of Eden. Jesus himself compared himself to a serpent in regards to dying on the cross.
  • Sin is also the cause of death (Romans 5:12 ; James 1:14-15)

2)  It is a picture of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Numbers 17:1-8)

  • In this passage Aaron’s rod is brought back to life in order to show the children of Israel who God has chosen to be his priest. Note there was a power struggle in the previous chapters regarding this matter.
  • The rod of Aaron not only buds but blossoms and brings forth fruit.
  • This is a picture of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. His resurrection from the dead has brought forth countless fruit every since the day it happened.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ demonstrates the greatest power that the world has ever seen. In Ecclesiastes 8:8 the word of God says that no man has power in the day of death. As a result of sin everyone eventually will die even with all the modern advancements in medicine death is certain. But Jesus Christ said before his death that he had power to lay his life down and he had power to take it up again. This is a great power.

That is why when a person is saved and born again the word of God says “what power hath he given unto us to become the sons of God (John 1:12-13). Not only are we born again but we have eternal life because this life is in his son (1 John 5:10-13).

Going back to Aaron’s rod in Exodus 7:10-13 where it pictures the death of Jesus Christ by becoming a serpent we also see a hint at the power of the resurrection. The magicians of Egypt also turned their rods into serpents but in verse 12 we see that Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.

The word swallowed is interesting because in 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 we see that because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ death is swallowed up in victory. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his power saved people have the power over death. Yes we may die in the flesh but that just takes us home to be with the Lord. Therefore death doesn’t have any power over us.

So it is plain to see that the rod of Aaron is a type of Jesus Christ and also that through Jesus Christ there is great power. As saved born again children of God we also have power to accomplish things for God. Let us go back to where Moses first received the sign of turning the rod into a serpent and make some practical applications for our lives today.

Exodus 4:1-5 (Moses receiving the signs from the Lord)

God gives Moses these signs because Moses doubts that the children of Israel will listen to him or believe that God has sent him. How many times do we do the same thing and doubt that God can use us to do something for him. It would be nice to have the signs that God gave Moses but we have the Lord Jesus Christ working directly through us what more could we need.

How to use the rod that God has given you :

1)  Answer the question of what is in your hand (verse 2).

  • We must use whatever God has placed in our hands. It might be money, talent, time, favorable position, knowledge or anything the key is recognizing what is in your hand.
  • Many may say if I had more money I would give more money. That is a trap. If you want give when you have little money you want give when you have a lot of money.
  • Many say if I had a more time I would serve God more. If you will not serve God when you are pressed for time you will not serve him with more time.
  • Many say if I had a better wife I would be a better husband or vice versa. If you are not a good wife or a good husband in the bad times what makes you think that you will be one in the good times.
  • You could go on and on with things like this but the principle is true. Stop waiting on things that may or may not ever come serve God with the little that you have and let him do great things with it.

2)  Realize the potential of what is in your hand (verse 3).

  • Once we have figured out what is in your hand then you must see the good potential and the bad potential that it can have.
  • Once Moses through the rod down it became a snake and he fled from it because snakes are dangerous.
  • Many country and rock singers started out singing gospel hymns in church, but they did not realize the potential that their talent had. And before they knew it Satan had used their potential the wrong way.
  • One might ask how do I know whether what I have in mine hand is dangerous or not. Cast it down and let the Lord show you what it can become.

3)  Let God have control (verse 4)

  • When God told Moses to pick the serpent up he told him to pick it up by the tail. When God lets you pick back up whatever is in your hand let him have control of it.
  • Note in verse 20 when he and his family went back to Egypt the rod he carries is now called the rod of God.
  • He has given it to God and God can use it to its full potential.

If you are saved stop waiting on something that God has not given you or may never give you. Use the rod that he has given you and let him accomplish whatever he desires to accomplish.