The Palm Tree Ps. 92:12

The Palm Tree Ps. 92:12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Ps 92:12 says that the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.  In this passage the Lord likens the righteous to a palm tree because:

The palm tree grows upward, tall and straight.  It reminds us that Christians are to set our affections on things above.  The palm is notable for is tall straightness, unlike other trees which branch out.  And likewise, Christians are to have some distinction and separation from the world below.  We are to walk straight and not turn to the left hand or the right hand.

The palm tree is fruitful.  At first palms don’t produce fruit, they just grow.  Likewise, Christians when we first get saved are to grow.  A young palm tree can produce up to 90 lbs. of fruit [dates].  An old palm can produce as much as 550 lbs. of fruit.  And remember we aren’t just talking about souls when we talk about fruit.  We have the fruit of the Spirit [Gal 5], the fruit of the word of God [Jn 15], and the peaceable fruit of righteousness [Heb 12].  Christians bring forth an abundance of fruit in our old age [Ps 92:14].

The palm tree is totally useful.  They are the most productive of all trees known.  From them you get timber, fence posts, crates, furniture, baskets, fuel, rope, packing material, feed, fruit, syrup, alcohol, vinegar, and liquor.  You can use everything.  Likewise, we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice to God [Rom 12:1-2] so that God can use us anyway that he pleases.

The palm tree is always green.  No matter the conditions, the palm fronds are green.  In the desert the palms point the way to water.  Likewise, in these perilous times we point wayward sinners to the water of life, of which they can freely drink.  These palms can withstand heavy winds reminding us that we are to be steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord [1 Cor 15:58].

The palm tree is crowned.  The tops of the palms are crowns reminding us of the crowns available to us at the judgment seat of Christ: the crown of righteousness [2 Tim 4:8] for loving the Lord’s appearing; the crown of rejoicing [1 Thes 2:19] for souls saved; the incorruptible crown [1 Cor 9:25] for keeping our body in subjection; the crown of life [Jas 1:12] for fighting temptation.

Conclusion: the next time you drive by a palm tree, let it remind you of this verse and these truths.