The Outward Appearance, 1 Sam 16:7

1 Sam 16:7 The Outward Appearance CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Men judge based on the appearance – that is why we are to abstain from all appearance of evil 1 Thes 5:22 – that is why marketing involves appealing pictures [and why Israel was told to destroy the pictures Num 33:52] – that is why Europe says that Obama was a good choice [image; but see Rev 13 for when image enslaves the world] – that is why the Pharisees attended to their outward appearance Matt 23:5a, 25-28] – and that is why Religion deals more with works than it does with faith Rom 9:30-32] – that is why Adam & Eve thought the fig leaves would take care of their sin [Gen 3] – judging the outward appearance is not righteous judgment [Jn 7:24] – it is not enough to portray a righteous appearance; you must be righteous

God judges based on the heart – therefore keep thy heart with all diligence Prov 4:23 – and recognize the true nature of your heart Jer 17:9-10; Mk 7:21-23] – that’s why staying in the word and under good Bible preaching is so necessary [Heb 4:12-13] – ask God to search your heart Ps 139:23-24 – and deal with sin in your life by dealing with what is in your heart [Gen 6, Prov 23:7, Ps 119:11] – and keep your heart “honest and good” [Lk 8:15] so that you can be fruitful for God

Remember that you can fool men because they judge what they see but you cannot fool God because he judges who you really are [Rom 2:16]