The Most Dangerous Thing We Own

The Most Dangerous Thing We Own

James 3:1-18

The main subject from this passage in James is the tongue. As we will see in this passage the tongue is an extremely dangerous member. It is important for us to view the tongue as dangerous in order to avoid problems that can be the result of an out-of-control tongue.

Before we begin looking at why the tongue is so dangerous, we must note the word perfect in James 3:2. Perfect in this verse does not mean sinless perfection, but it is being used to describe a person’s character as in Genesis 6:9 or Job 1:1. It is interesting to note that in describing someone with perfect character the one thing it is compared to is someone who can control their tongue.

What makes the tongue so dangerous?

1)  It’s size (verse 2)

  • This verse says that the tongue is a small member. In comparison with the whole body, it is a small member.
  • Small members accomplish great things sometimes (James 3:3-4).
  • Because the tongue is small it is underestimated and therefore it causes great problems to the surprise of many.

2)  It is a fire (verse 6)

  • Fire like the tongue can be used for good, the problem with fire is when it gets out of control.
  • Note what Proverbs 26:20-24 has to say regarding the fire of the tongue.

3)  It is a world of iniquity (verse 6)

  • Many times, sin, deception, deceit, seduction, and temptation are all done with words.
  • This can be illustrated with Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-17), Eve (Genesis 3:1-6), the Jews (Matthew 27:25).
  • We must also consider the phrase “world of iniquity” when we think about social media today. It is not always our spoken words that are the problem, written words are worse.

4)  It cannot be tamed (verse 7-8)

  • This is one of the things that makes the tongue so dangerous, just when we think we have it under control it fools us (Proverbs 10:19 ; 29:11)
  • The word of God tells us that our tongues is an unruly evil, we must view it that way.

Let us consider our tongue as the most dangerous thing that we own and strive to be a perfect man controlling our tongue and there by controlling the whole body (verse 2).

The Most Dangerous Thing We Own : Handout

James 3:1-18

1)  What is the main subject of the text for this lesson?

2)  What one characteristic is given to describe a perfect man from the passage for our text?

3)  List 4 reasons from the text for why the tongue is so dangerous.