The God of Israel, 1 Chr 16:12-22

The God of Israel 1 Chr. 16:12-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord God Almighty is the God of Israel because of:

His marvelous works on their behalf – Deut 3:24, his wonders Ex 3:20, and the judgments of his mouth Ex 24:3, Deut 4:8 on their behalf.  When they came out of Egypt these things set them apart for all other nations of the earth.

His choice of them as his son – They are His chosen ones… He is the Lord our God [v.14] – Ex 4:22, Mal 3:6, Ps 135:4, Is 41:8.

His covenant with them – Look at his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel to 1,000 generations. Abraham Gen 12:1-3, 7, Isaac Gen 26:3-5, Jacob Gen 35:12, the twelve tribes Deut 1:6-8, the millennial reign Ezek 47:14-21; 48

They went out a family and returned a nation to the land of Canaan, their inheritance.  They will occupy their inheritance during the millennial reign of Jesus.

His protection of them – He reproved kings and said touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.  Edom had to let them pass and so did Moab.  They destroyed Midian, Sihon and Og.  They couldn’t have done this on their own.  The Lord did it because he is the God of Israel.

Conclusion: in Rev 12 and Zech 14:1-3 God will do it again.  He will deliver them from their enemies in the tribulation and they will be the ruling nation of the world in the millennium.