The Character of Abigail, 1 Sam 25:1-31

1 Sam 25:1-31 The Character of Abigail CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Abigail is a wonderful woman and her character is the kind that should be emulated by women and desired by men.  The character of Abigail is seen in her:

Understanding – 1 Sam 25:3 – this is best demonstrated in v.28-31, so we will cover it there.

Beauty – 1 Sam 25:3 – her beauty was undoubtedly not just skin deep, Prov 31:30, 1 Pet 3:1-4.

Prudence – 1 Sam 25:18 – a prudent wife is from the Lord and whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, Prov 19:14, 18:22.

Humility – 1 Sam 25:23-25, 28a – in this trait, she was just like the Lord, Phil 2:5-8, and since we are the bride of Christ, we should also be like him.  Abigail, here, is a type of the church.

Diplomacy – 1 Sam 25:26-27 – she gauges the situation and immediately diffuses David’s anger and wins his favor, thus sparing her life and the lives of her entire household.

Understanding – 1 Sam 25:28-31 – she understands the Lord’s protection of and plans for David, and she knows that he is going to be the next ruler of Israel, something her foolish husband clearly did not understand.

Astuteness – 1 Sam 25:31(b) – she was sharp and made sure to tell David to “remember thine handmaid.”  In this she was like Rahab when she made a deal with the spies to spare her house.