Isaiah 15:1-9 The Burden of Moab

The companion chapter to Isaiah 15 on the burden of Moab is Jeremiah 48.  These two chapters show you what’s going to happen to Moab when Jesus returns [see the Second Advent context in Is 16:5].  There is going to be wide spread destruction which no one in that region is going to escape.  The names of the cities cited in these chapters are the historical names.  Today these cities go by different names and they are located in the western part of Jordan near Israel.

During the Tribulation, Moab will be:

Wasted – v.1 – the destruction that wastes this country will be from war [Matt 24:7, Jer 48:15], from natural disasters [Matt 24:7] and finally from the Lord [2 Thes 1:7-9].  There will be nobody left in the cities [Jer 48:8-9].

Weeping – v.2-4, 8 – the destruction will be so bad that people will be screaming and crying over their loss and out of fear – they will be crying in the high places to their god Chemosh who will not be able to deliver them [bald and in sackcloth; Jer 48:7, 13] – they will be crying in the streets and upon their housetops [Jer 48:38-39] – even their soldiers will be crying out – and the crying will be heard nation-wide.

Fleeing – v.5 – they will be running for cover to Zoar south of the Dead Sea where Lot sought protection from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah [Gen 19:20-22; Jer 48:6, 28] – they will not be able to stay in the cities because they will all be destroyed [Jer 48:24]

Thirsting and Starving – v.6 – the waters of Nimrim will be desolate [a river north of the Brook Zered and south of the River Arnon] and so they will thirst [Jer 48:18] – there won’t be anything green to eat – this is the result of drought due to the lack of rain during the latter half of the Tribulation [Jas 5:17, Rev 11:6].

Eating Rations – v.7 – they will run for their lives with only the food they can carry – they won’t need to take their flocks and herds because there will be nothing for the cattle to eat – their supplies will be depleted and destroyed [Jer 48:12].

Slaughtered – v.9 – there will be so much bloodshed, the rivers will be full of blood [Jer 48:42-46]

Attacked by Lions – v.9 – what the soldiers don’t kill, the animals will [Jer 48:2; Rev 6:8].

Why all this destruction against Moab?

Two main reasons – Idolatry – Jer 48:13 and Pride – Jer 48:26, 29, and 42.