The Attractive Lure of Sin

The Attractive Lure of Sin

Proverbs 6:20-35

In the passage for this lesson, we see both a warning to follow the commandments and instructions of our parents. There is also the result of not following the commandments and instructions of our parents found in this passage. The result is sin and destruction if you continue in them.

In the passage we see two important verses, which are verses 27-28. The main point of our lesson will come from these two verses. In this lesson we will be using fire as a type of sin, therefore we are going to look at similarities between fire and sin.

How is fire like sin?

1)  It has a warm attractive glow.

  • Fire is warm and inviting just like sin. The problem is if you get to close you get burned.
  • Sin is just like this in James 1:14-15 we see that every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.

2)  It need fuel to survive.

  • The problem with sin and temptation is that it always wants more. Just like a fire.
  • In James 1:14-15 it is temptation that mixes with our lust and causes sin, therefore we must avoid things that tempt us because they are fuel to a fire that can get out of control.

3)  It consumes and destroys.

  • A fire if left unchecked will destroy everything in its path. Sin will do the same thing in your life if you let it.
  • In James 1:14-15 we see that once sin is conceived it bringeth forth death.

4)  It always leaves a stain.

  • Fire like sin always leaves a mark even if it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Let us not be enticed with the attractive lure of sin and eventually be consumed with its destructive fire.

The Attractive Lure of Sin : Handout

Proverbs 6:20-35

1)  What is the context for our passage?

2)  What will be the main verses and thought for our lessons from this passage?

3)  Give an outline for sin being like a fire.