Thanksgiving Psalm, 1 Chr 16:7-36

Thanksgiving Psalm 1 Chr.16:7-36 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The psalm recorded in 1 Chr 16 is a thanksgiving psalm.  It is also recorded in Ps 105.  We can follow the example of David in this thanksgiving psalm to help understand things for which we can thank God.  As in this thanksgiving psalm, we can:

Thank God for his name – 1 Chr 16:8 – you have someone to cry out to who recognizes your voice when you call out his name (like a mother recognizes her child’s voice when he calls out, “Mom”).  We call him Father.  He is the Lord.  His is the exalted name unlike all the man-made gods of the world.  Men invoke their names but there is no one there [1 Ki 18:26-30; Ps 115:3-8].  Our God manifested himself in flesh [Matt 1:23] so that he could be touched with the feeling of our infirmities [Heb 4:15].  He is in heaven where he sits on the throne above everything and everyone in the universe [Col 1:16-18].  “The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe,” [Prov 18:10].  Jesus is the sweetest name I know.

Thank God for his wondrous works – 1 Chr 16:9-33

  • His works, wonders and judgments – 1 Chr 16:12 – what God did in Egypt was phenomenal. He did things that have never been done before and showed himself that he is God. Think about the things our great God has done in your life and thank him for them.
  • His covenant – 1 Chr 16:15-19 – the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the twelve tribes that they would inherit the land of Canaan. That covenant is still in effect even unto this day and will be forever.  He made a covenant with us that once he saved us we would be saved forever.  Thank God.
  • His protection – 1 Chr 16:20-22 – the Lord protected Israel from their enemies the whole time they wandered in the wilderness. Likewise, the Lord protects us from our enemies.  Though the devil attacks, he can never get your soul.  And when you live by faith, you have God’s protection because “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”  Thank God for the whole armor of God.
  • His creation – 1 Chr 16:26 – whether you believe it or not, God made the heavens. Imagine if the evolutionists were right!  They’re not!  Thank God that he is the creator.  As the creator, God made the sun, moon and stars and they obey his command.  We enjoy the beauty of his creation even in a cursed earth and we should thank him every time we can enjoy his handiwork.
  • His millennial reign – 1 Chr 16:30-33 – Jesus will rule this earth from the throne of David for 1,000 years. We should be so thankful for his coming reign.  The devil will be chained in the bottomless pit, there will finally be peace on earth, we will get to reign with him, and we will see our God exalted in the earth.  We won’t be the underdogs then.  Thank God!  Amen!

Thank God for his mercy – 1 Chr 16:34 – we see similar thanks in Ps 136:1-3, 26. If it weren’t for God’s mercy Israel would be doomed.  If it weren’t for God’s mercy, we would be doomed.  It overwhelms me to consider God’s mercy considering my sin.  Thank God for his mercy.

Thank God for his salvation – 1 Chr 16:35 – the Lord will save Israel [Rom 11:25-27].  The Lord will also save any sinner who will call upon the name of the Lord [Rom 10:13].  Thank God that we are saved.  Thank God that we can preach the gospel to other sinners so that they can be saved.

Conclusion: we have a lot to learn from this thanksgiving psalm.  Those of us who are saved have much for which to be thankful.  And if you aren’t saved yet, you have much for which to be thankful because you can be saved right now, by trusting in Jesus Christ [Acts 4:12].