Thanksgiving Offering, Lev 7:11-15

Thanksgiving Offering Lev. 7:11-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We’re studying the thanksgiving offering in this broadcast. Lev 7:11-15 contains the first mention of anything to do with thanks in the Bible.  By studying this passage we can learn much about thanksgiving and what it entails.

The thanksgiving offering is a peace offering – Lev 7:11-16 – the other two types of peace offerings are the vow and the voluntary offering.  This is important because it shows us that peace with God is contingent upon our thanksgiving [Phil 4:6-7].  Often people, who are careful and troubled about something for which they are praying, never find the peace of God because they aren’t thankful.  Thanksgiving is vital to receiving the peace of God.

The thanksgiving offering is an offering – Lev 7:12 – that is the offering is offered or presented to God.  How many times have you heard people say, “thank goodness,” or “thank your lucky stars,” or “thank heavens,” or some variant of these.  None of these is offered to God.  When you are truly thankful offer your thanks to God.  David shows you how to do this in 1 Chr 16:8. Thank God.  Don’t be ashamed to let the people know that you are thanking God.  And let them know what you are thanking him for.

The thanksgiving offering is a sacrifice – Lev 7:12 – that is the blood of a sacrifice was shed.  In other words, we can now come directly to God with our thanksgiving rather than having to come through a priest [Lev 7:14] because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  It is by Jesus Christ that we can offer the “sacrifice of praise to God continually… giving thanks to his name,” [Heb 13:15].  Our thanksgiving is a spiritual sacrifice that is acceptable to God by Jesus Christ [1 Pet 2:5].  In other words, no literal sacrifice is required.  No wonder Paul said, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you,” [1 Thes 5:18].  The sacrifice has already been made; we don’t have to wait to bring a lamb.  Praise the Lord!!

The thanksgiving offering is offered with leavened bread – Lev 7:12-13 – in addition to the unleavened cakes and wafers, the offering is made with leavened bread, as well.  It is the only offering that can be offered with leavened bread.  The significance of this is that thanksgiving is from imperfect man [pictured by the leavened bread] to God.  God accepts our offering because of Jesus; but he accepts it from us, nevertheless.  And that brings us joy.

The thanksgiving offering is eaten the same day it is offered – Lev 7:15 – that is to offer thanksgiving tomorrow, you would need to make another sacrifice.  Since Jesus was once offered for sins forever, we are to be thankful every day.  Each day offer your thanksgiving to God.  Yesterday’s thanksgiving is not carried over to today.

Conclusion: in this age where people have become ungrateful and thank you notes are rarely sent, don’t succumb to the current conditions of ingratitude.  Be thankful every day.  Thank God.  And let him and others know for what you are thankful.  Because of Jesus, those of us who are saved ought to be more thankful than anyone else in the world.  We have constant access to the Father through Jesus’ shed blood.  Thank you, Jesus!!