Thank God For Your Wife, Prov 19:14

Thank God For Our Wives Prov. 19:14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

If you have a prudent wife you ought to thank God for your wife because she came from the Lord according to Prov 19:14. Now, your wife may not have been a perfect fit for you when you first married, but over time the Lord has tempered you and molded her, or molded you and tempered her, and now you are a perfect match.  God did that and you ought to thank him every day for your wife.  You ought to let her know how much you appreciate and love her.  We ought to thank God for our wives who are:

Prudent – Prov 19:14 – prudent means capable of exercising sound judgment in practical matters; cautious or discreet in conduct, circumspect, not rash.

Good – Prov 18:22 – not every man has a good wife and there are some bad ones described in the Bible.  If your wife is a good wife praise the Lord.

Wise – Prov 14:1 – every wise woman buildeth her house.  It takes lots of wisdom to manage a household well.  And concerning decisions affecting your life and the lives of your family members, you don’t have a better source of counsel than the woman you married; she knows you best.

Submissive – Eph 5:22-24 – the husband’s greatest need is to rule, therefore, his wife’s greatest responsibility is to submit.  The wife’s greatest need is to be loved, therefore, her husband’s greatest responsibility is to love her as Christ loved the church.  Subjection to her husband even in his disobedience is commanded [1 Pet 3:1-6].  Her submission is evidence that she trusts the Lord [1 Pet 3:5].  She doesn’t take matters into her own hands because they are not her responsibility, she can get into sin here.  If your wife is submissive you have much for which to thank God!!!

God-fearing – Prov 31:30 – the fear of the Lord will keep her in his will.  If your wife fears and trusts the Lord, the Lord is going to take care of her, for sure.

Virtuous – Prov 31:10 – she is defined by the characteristics in the remainder of Prov 31.  If you have a wife whom you can trust, no matter what, you ought to thank God.

Loving – Tit 2:4 – she loves her husband and loves their children and knows how to balance that love.

Conclusion: we don’t thank the Lord enough for our wives.  We ought to let them know how much we appreciate them and love them.