Tell Others About Jesus, Jn 17:20

Jesus prayed for those who would believe on him through “their word,” [Jn 17:20].  You hear us preach about witnessing to others.  But up to now you have been stuck.  So, here’s what to do.  In order to tell others about Jesus, you must:

Know – to tell others about Jesus you have to know him [Jn 8:54-55].  It’s one thing to “know about” him.  It’s all together different to “know” him.  The apostles and disciples that preached Jesus knew him.  They spent time with him.  When you read your Bible, you can know him at least as well as they knew him, and even better than they knew him.

And you have to know what to say.  You must know the gospel [1 Cor 15:1-4].  2 Sam 18:19-23, 29-30 Ahimahaz didn’t know what to say.  He had no tidings ready.  You never tell others about Jesus because you don’t know what to say.  Joab said to Ahimahaz, “thou shalt bear tidings another day,” [2 Sam 18:20].  You will, too, if you will study and learn what to say.

Sow – you can and should sow the seed of the word of God all the time [Mk 4:3-8].  It makes no difference what kind of ground you’re sowing in.  Just sow (like the upcoming parade).  And we should sow bountifully [2 Cor 9:6].  Jn 4:35-38 the apostles were able to reap because other men sowed.  Sowing keeps you in the field.  Sowing keeps you mindful of the need to tell others about Jesus.  But sowing is not the same as telling others about Jesus.  You must tell.  Jesus prayed for those who would believe on him… through “their” word.

Go – I heard this… for people to get saved, it takes a willing Savior, a willing sinner, and a willing saint.  We know the Savior is willing [2 Pet 3:9].  And we know that there are sinners who are willing.  There are also sinners who are not willing.  The Ethiopian eunuch had gone to Jerusalem to worship and was reading Isaiah on his trip home.  Cornelius had been praying and fearing God long before Peter showed up.  These men are examples of willing sinners.  But it also takes a willing saint.  You have to be willing to go.  Therein lies the problem for most Christians who don’t witness.  They don’t go.

If you are willing to go, the Spirit of God will send you [Rom 10:14-15].  The Spirit sent Philip to the eunuch.  The Spirit sent Peter to Cornelius.  The Spirit sent Paul and Silas to Macedonia.  But notice, that in all these cases, these men had already been going for the Lord.  Philip had been preaching in Samaria.  Peter had been preaching in Jerusalem, then in Samaria, then in Lydda, and then in Joppa.  Paul and Silas had been preaching in Syria, Cilicia, Phrygia and Galatia.  These men were already on the go.  

People don’t catch fish because they don’t go fishing and men don’t witness because they don’t go witnessing.  Here is the “secret” to going… go.  Schedule a time (Dobbins three times per week) and set up appointments.  The Lord will lead you in these endeavors.  

Show – when you get the opportunity to talk with someone, at some point you will be able to show them Jesus.  It will be like Jn 12:20-21 where the Greeks said to Philip, “Sir, we would see Jesus.”  And the conversation will be like 1 Thes 1:5.  You’ll preach the gospel: in word, in power (the righteous are bold as a lion Prov 28:1), in the Holy Ghost and in much assurance.  

Conclusion: It’s our responsibility to show them. It’s their responsibility to decide.  Know, Sow, Go and Show.  Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.