The Sword of the Lord Zeph. 2:12-15

Sword of My Lord Zeph. 2:12-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Text: Zeph 2:12-15.  The Lord has a sword and with it he has slain nations and he will slay nations – when God wields his sword there is not a living being that can defend himself against the Lord.

He can take down a city or he can wipe out an entire nation with his sword and leave it so desolate that only wild birds and beasts will dwell there.

Notice Gideon relied upon the sword of the Lord – 300 beat 135,000 – Jud 7:8, 300; Jud 8:10, shows the 135,000 defeated.

1 Chr 21:12 the sword of the Lord killed 70,000 in Israel – 1 Chr 21:14, 70,000; 1 Chr 21:16 sword, 1 Chr 21:26-27 David prayed and the Lord put up the sword.

Is 34:1-10 the sword of the Lord will be filled with blood at the destruction of the nations.

Jer 12:10-12 – the sword of the Lord devours because no man layeth it to heart and they will not have peace.

Now when Jesus comes back, this sword will be coming out of his mouth Rev 1:16 – it is sharp and it is two-edged – so, this sword is connected with his word – indeed, Heb 4:12 and Eph 6:17 – well then this is a marvelous thing.

The sword of the Lord is so powerful and we have it in our hands when we have the words of God – therefore we have power with this sword to stand against the enemy, fight against sin and the strongholds in our lives [to put to death the old man], to preach and expect people to be brought under conviction, to see souls torn away from the devil’s grip and be brought to Jesus – oh what a powerful weapon – no wonder the devil has attacked it – what a shame that we don’t even use it – all that power gone to waste.

Well, if you are not saved, fear for the coming sword.  Take it up, Christian, and begin to use it and live by it [if you memorize it you will have it ready at hand] – be warned world, the Lord is coming with his sword. Rev 19:15.