1 Cor.10:12


Stumblingblocks will cause you to fall. Falls account for 15% of all occupational fatalities, second only to vehicle accidents. Tripping hazards (Stumblingblocks) cause many injuries and deaths. Spiritual Stumblingblocks have the same effect on Christians. Identifying and avoiding them should be a part of your daily walk.


[Lev.19:14] We find the first use, the command to not put one before the blind. How evil! None of you would ever think to do something that evil. You have probably heard the jokes concerning rearraigning Helen Keller’s furniture, wicked. There are ways that each one of you are putting Stumblingblocks before others because of the lack of the fear of God.


[Rom.14:10-13] The context is judging thy brother (other Christians), and the Judgment Seat of Christ. Seems to suggest that in addition to giving an account of yourself to God, you are going to be judged on the Stumblingblocks that you placed in front of others. Your judgment of your brothers in Christ and your measuring and comparing yourselves among yourselves is not wise! [2Cor.10:12] The stumbling block is this: you ignore right and wrong and do what is “right in your own eyes”, not based on God’s word, but according to what you see others doing, and getting away with! They have put a stumblingblock in your path and you are carrying on the tradition. You will be judged for your sin and the sin you cause others to do.


[1 Cor.8:1-13] This passage illustrates another means to place Stumblingblocks. Your liberty in Christ and knowledge can cause you to sin against the brethren by wounding their weak conscience, and sin against Christ. For example, do you have the liberty to go to a sports bar? Of course, you do but what testimony does that provide to others? At the very least it would appear that you are a hypocrite. Your Testimony does affect your brothers in Christ and the lost!


[Lev.19:14] Remember about not putting in front of the blind

[2 Cor.4:4] the lost are blind, [Rom.11:1-11] the Jews are blind

[1Cor.1:21-31] What you have in Jesus Christ, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, should cause you to Glory in the Lord and not in yourself.


[Eph.5:15-16] Walk cautiously and make certain that you are in the Will of God and not causing others to stumble.