A study in First Thessalonians (Introduction)

A Study in 1 Thessalonians


In this study we will go through the book of First Thessalonians. It will not be a verse by verse study of the book but instead will look at many of the verses and teaching that are found throughout the book. First Thessalonians is a good book for those who have just gotten saved to study; it has many basic doctrines and also a lot of basic instruction for the saved person.

Basic information for 1 Thessalonians:

Author : Paul                           Date : A.D. 49-50

Chapters : 5                             Verses : 89                              Words : 1837

Thessalonica was originally called “Therme” and was made the capitol of Macedonia in 164 B.C. by the Romans. The Romans built a great highway through Thessalonica. Paul had been to this place and preached the gospel. Many had received the word of God and began serving God (1:5-10 ; 2:13). Wanting to return but being hindered he sent Timotheus to see how the brethren at Thessalonica were doing. Timotheus gave a good report and upon hearing this Paul writes the epistle to the Thessalonians.

Basic Bible Doctrines in First Thessalonians : 

Here we will list many of the basic bible doctrines found in the book of First Thessalonians. During this study we may not look at each one individually but we will study many of them.

1)  Joy of the Holy Ghost (1:6)

  • Here we see the doctrine of receiving the Holy Ghost at salvation and fruits of the Spirit.

2)  Repentance (1:9)

3)  Second coming of Jesus Christ (1:10 ; 3:13 ; 5:1-3)

4)  Being delivered from wrath to come (1:10 ; 5:9)

5)  Word of God working in those that believe (2:13)

6)  Crown of rejoicing (2:19-20)

  • Here we see some of the rewards we can get for serving God. This crown is connected with witnessing.

7)  Will of God for our lives (4:1-10)

  • Here we see one of the things that the word of God says is the will of God for our lives.

8)  The Rapture of the Church (4:13-18)

9)  Rejoicing, Praying, Giving thanks, quenching the spirit, despising not the prophesying, proving all things (5:16-22)

10)  Body, Soul, and Spirit (5:23)

Why is this a good book for people who have just gotten saved? 

As shown above not only does this book cover many basic doctrine and practical living matters for the saved person, look at the order in which it is laid out.

In chapters 1-2 we see Paul deal with the fact that the Thessalonians got saved by the preaching of the gospel. Then they followed the example that Paul and others with him had set for them. From this we see two important things for young Christians. They need a good an example and their goal should be to also become a good example or testimony for others to see.

In chapter 3 Paul sends Timotheus to encourage the Thessalonians as a result of afflictions that arise as a result of Salvation and living for God. Shortly after a young Christian makes up his mind to live for God there will be all sorts of afflictions and persecutions, they will need comforting and instruction for handling it.

In chapter 4 Paul deals with basic practical Christian living and what pleases God. This is what the saved person will battle his whole life after Salvation, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life. Paul gives some very important verses in regards to these thins and walking for the Lord.

Also in chapter 4 we see the Rapture and comfort for those who have died in the Lord. Young Christians need to understand this doctrine especially, for they will have many loved ones friends who go home to be with the Lord before they do.

In chapter 5 we see the second coming of Jesus Christ again but with an admonition for what to do in the day that it near. The second coming of Jesus Christ is very important their attitude concerning it can make a huge difference in their life when it comes to living for God. The chapter closes with some simple commands that are necessary for the saved person to live by.

So overall the book is not only well rounded in doctrine and practical matters but is laid out in an order that the saved person can use to face the journey of his or her life after Salvation.


A Study in 1 Thessalonians

Introduction : Handout

1)  Give some of the basic information for the book of First Thessalonians.


2)  What are some of the basic doctrines that are found in this book?


3)  Why is this book good for young Christians?