Spiritual Motives for Giving Eph 5:25

Spiritual Motives for Giving Eph 5:25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are many motives for giving and not all of them are good and pure.  Giving in order to be recognized is selfishly motivated in part, but the recipient doesn’t mind; universities promise recognition as an encouragement to give.  Giving to politicians is often motivated by opportunity; these gifts nearly amount to a bribe.

But today we are only going to preach on spiritual motives for giving because these motives are pure and right.  Spiritual motives for giving include:

Love – Eph 5:25; 2 Cor 8:8 – Love is why God gave His Son and why Jesus gave himself for the church – this motive is a matter of the heart – when you love God you’ll give.

Willingness – Jn 10:17-18; 1 Chr 29:14; 2 Cor 8:11-12 – Jesus laid down his life because he was willing to lay down his life – giving is a matter of the will and mind – when you have a willing mind, you will give.

Affection – Matt 6:19-21 – whereas love is directed to a person, affection is directed to a place – when our affection is set on things above we put our money there – this motive is a matter of allegiance, loyalty and service to God.

Obedience – Lev 27:30 – enough of arguing over whether tithing is for New Testament Christians – the tithe is the Lord’s – Christians who argue about tithing are generally trying to see how little they can give – the motive for tithing is a matter of righteousness.

Joy – 2 Cor 9:7; 2 Cor 8:1-2 – one of the most personally beneficial motives for giving is joy – spiritual joy accompanies spiritual giving – this motive is a matter of true happiness.

Liberality – Prov 11:24-25; 2 Cor 9:6-11 – Christians who understand the blessing of giving give liberally – this motive is a matter of common sense – the more you sow the more you reap.

Security – Lk 6:38 – God’s promise to those who give is that by the same measure of your giving men will give to you – the Lord directs that – this motive for giving is a matter of wisdom – giving is the best and most secure investment in the world.

Conclusion: you should check your motives for giving and make sure that they align with these spiritual motives!!