They Spend Their Days in Wealth, Job 21

They Spend Their Days in Wealth Job 21:13-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

You may wonder from time to time why men say to the Lord, Depart from us.  If you are a saved person you cannot imagine that men would want God out of their lives. Particularly, knowing what you know about his love and mercy.  Well, there are a variety of reasons why men want nothing to do with God. And why they want God to have nothing to do with them.  The Bible has all the answers.  And one of the answers is found in our text, they spend their days in wealth.

When they spend their days in wealth men want nothing to do with God.

They have no desire to follow God.  “Depart from us”.  An unjust man is abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.   When Jesus cast Legion out of the man in the Gadarenes, the citizens prayed him to depart out of their coasts.  He was bad for business; 2,000 swine died.  The covetous Pharisees were afraid they would lose their power and nation and so they wanted to kill Jesus.

They have no desire to know his ways.  “Desire not the knowledge of thy ways”.  The ways of man and the ways of the Lord are contrary.  Men who love wealth don’t love the Lord.  The rich young ruler in Lk 18 loved his money more than he loved the Lord. And so, he wouldn’t handle it the way the Lord wanted him to.  They don’t like tithing, they don’t like giving, they don’t like helping the people the Lord wants them to help [Lk 12:15-21].

They have no desire to serve him.  “What is the Almighty, that we should serve him”?  Jesus Christ came to minister and if we are going to follow him, we are going to serve him and minister to others [Matt 20:25-28].  Men who spend their days in wealth desire to run things and used to having others serve them.  Jesus Christ, the King of kings, girded himself in a towel and served his disciples.  A life of faithful service to the Lord is rewarded in eternity with treasure.  Conversely, life spent serving yourself is vain.

They have no desire to pray to him.  “What profit should we have, if we pray unto him”?  They don’t want God’s help with anything.  They don’t thank him for their food. And they don’t pray and ask for wisdom. Nor do they pray and intercede for others. And they don’t talk with God.  Thus, they see no benefit in talking to the Lord because they have all of everything their money can buy.  

But we know that they don’t have peace, they don’t have assurance, they don’t have eternal life, they don’t have supernatural joy [2 Cor 8:1-2], they don’t have a home in heaven and they are going to leave all that they do have in the hands of others when they are gone and that will be the end of it for them.  Jesus said that without him we could do nothing.  That is the absolute best way to live. He loves us more than we love ourselves and he has our best interest at heart.

Conclusion: Those who love money pierce themselves through with many sorrows and have a root in them that leads to all evil.  You’re better off spending your days in fellowship with the Lord than in fellowship with your wealth!!  Your wealth will fail you; he never will!!