Soul Winning

Soul Winning


            Do you consider yourself a soul winner? This text is where we get the phrase, even though Solomon had no concept of our definition. These seven things are things that anyone can do. You may never lead a person to the Lord, but you can do these things and if you do these things, God will be able to use you in winning souls.

Pray- [to bear fruit]

 John 15:7-8, The Lord desires us to bear fruit and will answer our prayer for help.     

John 4:35-38, Sower and reaper rejoice together and receive wages

1 Cor.3:6-9, any part in bearing fruit receives rewards.   

Yield- [direct me to someone]

            Romans 6:13, Yield yourself unto God, and you will be an instrument that  God can direct a lost soul to.  

Memorize-[hide it in your heart]

1 Peter 1:23, everyone, including you were born again by the words of God, they are vital to someone getting saved.           

Ps.119:11, you must hide them in your heart, memorize them. At least learn the commonly used verses by address so that you can open a Bible and show a lost soul what God words say about salvation.

Testify-[open your mouth]

            Acts 20:24, testify the gospel          

1 Cor.9:16-23, woe unto you or a reward unto you         

2 Cor.5:20, we are ambassadors      

Jn.14:12, we are provided a privilege to do greater works!   

Care-[be moved]

            Matt.9:36, Pray for compassion if, you are lacking  

Pair up-[set a time]

            Luke 10:1-2, Have a plan or join someone that does.

Be Ready-[something will happen]

            1 Peter 3:15, be ready always                     

Prov.22:20-21, God will send them to you.