Sort Yourself Out, Ps 77:1-6

Our text is Ps 77:1-6.  I call this message, Sort Yourself Out.  You must sort yourself out whenever things around you get you down.  

  • In the day of your trouble, Ps 77:2.
  • When your soul refuses to be comforted, Ps 77:2.
  • When your spirit is overwhelmed, Ps 77:3.
  • When you’re lying awake at night, Ps 77:4.
  • When you’re at a loss for words, Ps 77:4.
  • When you can only cry and complain, Ps 77:1, 3.

Asaph shows us, in this text, how to sort ourselves out.

Commune with your own heart, Ps 77:6.  

Talk over and discuss with the Lord, v.1-3, what’s in your heart.  I like to walk and pray.  Or I lay down on the floor and pray.  When you are prostrate before the Lord, you are still and humble.  He can show you what he sees from his perspective.

You must be totally honest with yourself.  This is between you and yourself.  This is not about your circumstances or what others may be doing to you.  You cannot have a conversation with people who are not in the room with you.  You can only commune with yourself.

Let your spirit make diligent search, Ps 77:6.

Search yourself thoroughly.  You must identify exactly what it is you’re feeling, whether it’s anger, fear, sadness, or something else.  And you must identify why it is that you’re feeling this way.  In other words, what happened that put you in this “funk”.  Look for the part you have in what has caused your trouble.  You can’t control your circumstances or other people.  But you can control yourself and your reactions.

Search the Bible.  Look in the Bible and identify what the Bible calls what you’re going through.  When you find what the Bible says, it helps you deal with what you’re facing.  If you’re fearful, for instance, verses like Deut 1:29, Jos 1:9, and Ps 56:3, 11 really help.  If you’re feeling lonely, Heb 11:5 is such a helpful verse. If you’re sad, you can cast all your care on him, 1 Pet 5:7.  And so forth.

Commune with your heart and sort yourself out until your heart is not troubled and your soul is comforted.  Your circumstances don’t have to change and your trouble doesn’t have to go away for you to be comforted and your spirit to no longer be overwhelmed.