Song of Fools

Eccl.7:5  “song of fools” (acting foolish)

As Taught by Solomon in the book of Proverbs, we will look at characteristics of fools, how fools are identified, and how to deal with fools. Be careful if any of these verses fit you a little too well, maybe some correction may be in order.


1:7 Despise wisdom and instruction

1:22 Hate knowledge

10:18 hide hatred with lying lips, 26:28, and utter slander (false statement about another)

12:15 always right

13:19 enjoy evil                 14:16 rageth and is confident

20:3 seek out strife, 26:17            15:14 feedeth on foolishness

14:9 mock sin

15:5 despise father’s instruction (includes wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and LOVE)

19:10 delight not seemly (suitable)    foolishness is undesirable – no delight in it

26:1 Honor not seemly     26:8 honor given causes trouble

28:26 trust in his own heart

Identified By:

12:23 proclaimed by the heart [Matt.12:24], 14:33

17:28 shut your mouth

29:11 think before you speak

How to deal with them?

You cannot fix them, 27:22, 17:10, and 23:9 (despise 1:7)

If possible, avoid them, 17:12

Don’t take their counsel, 16:22. 13:20

Answer their folly, 26:4-5 Answer them, not in a foolish manor, but so that their foolishness will be addressed.

We all know people with foolish characteristics and very well may have a few of these ourselves. God sure used up a great amount of His word count in the Bible teaching on fools or foolishness. May be it affects our life more than we realize.