Sin of the Saints

Sin of the Saints

[Eph.2:1-6] There was a time when it was our nature to sin. We fulfilled the lust of the flesh and the desires of our flesh and mind.

[2Cor.5:17] But now that we are saved, old things are passed away.

[1Cor.15:34] Paul tells saved people to “sin not”

[1 John2:1] John says “sin not”

Just because you are saved does not mean that you don’t sin.

[Col.2:11-12] now that you are saved sin does not affect your soul, or your salvation. But the sin in your life does affect several things.

Your Fellowship With God

[2Cor.6:14] there is no fellowship with righteousness and unrighteousness, or light with darkness.

[1John1:5-10] God is light and if you walk in darkness it affects your fellowship with God


Your Inheritance and rewards

[1Cor.6:9-11] speaks of some sins that affect your inheritance.

[Eph.5:3-5] and [Gal.5:19-21] both list sins that affect your inheritance.

[Col.2:18] and [2 John 1:8] both speak of being beguiled out of your reward and not receiving a full reward.


Your flesh and life

[Rom.8:13] If you let your flesh rule it will kill you.

[Prov.23:31] List three sins that can kill you here and now.

[Heb.12:15] Bitterness can and will affect your life in a negative way.

[Eph. 4:30-32] Sins that grow from bitterness and the cure for it.

[1Cor.6:15-20] Fornication directly affects your body.

[Rom.1:24-32] Vile and un-natural affections can lead to very pitiful life.



Your Testimony

[1Cor.10:23] Just because something is lawful does not mean that it edifies others.

[1Thes.5:22] If it looks wrong to someone else don’t do it.