Sin Defined, 1 Jn 3:4

Sin Defined 1 Jn 3:4  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

The trouble that many Christians have in life results from an unclear definition of sin.  This lesson on sin defined will help you to understand that many of the difficulties that you haven’t been able to solve in your life are the result of sin in your life.  You have been going about trying to fix yourself the wrong way.  You are dealing with symptoms and not with the real causes.

The beauty of recognizing that your many of your problems are the result of sins is that sin has a solution.  Jesus already died for your sins.  Matt 1:21 says, “… thou shalt call his name JESUS for he shall save his people from their sins.”  What a relief!!  Deal with the sins in your life and you can get rid of most of the problems in your life.  How simple is that?  So simple that the devil doesn’t want you to know about it, 2 Cor 11:3.

Here is sin defined in the Bible.

Sin is the transgression of the law – 1 Jn 3:4 – the trouble with folks is that they are looking for some explanation for their problem that is not biblical.  You need to find your trouble in the Bible and call it what it is, SIN.  Is your sin anger, Eph 4:26?  The trouble with most angry people is that they think their sin of anger is justifiable.  Is your sin lying, Eph 4:25?  The trouble with most liars is that they think dishonesty is not lying.  Is your sin lust, Matt 5:28?  The trouble with most lustful people is that they think looking and thinking are not sins.  Is your sin overeating, Prov 23:21?  The trouble with most over-eaters is they think gluttony is a disorder or a privilege.  Is your sin drunkenness, Gal 5:21?  The trouble with most drunks is that they don’t want to quit.  Is your sin covetousness, Eph 5:5?  The trouble with the covetous is that they love money and things more than God [1 Tim 6:10].  And so on and so forth.

All unrighteousness is sin – 1 Jn 5:17 – unrighteousness is simply defined as anything that is wrong.  If something you do is not 100% right then it is unrighteous.  There is no such thing as being partly right.  The trouble with people today is that they call evil good and good evil.  So their understanding of wrong is gone.  Perversion is sin.  Pornography is sin.  Yelling at your spouse is sin.  Injuring your children is sin.  Sowing discord among brethren is sin.  Abusing prescription drugs is sin.  Fornicating is sin.  Being lazy is sin.  Living above your means is sin.  Manipulating people with anger is sin.  Dwelling on the past is sin.  Fearing the future is sin.  Worry is sin.  Self-love is sin.  And so forth.

Whatsoever is not of faith is sin – Rom 14:23 – it is a sin to do anything that is not of faith.  It is not of faith when there is any doubt whatsoever.  Gambling is sin.  Drinking is sin.  Smoking is sin.  Many of the things you read, watch, do and say are sin by this definition.  And so forth.

To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin – Jas 4:17 – this is easy.  You have been leaving things that you know are good out of your life and you are troubled as a result.  You know that it is good to pray, but you don’t.  You know that these are good to do: to go to church; to read your Bible; to be kind; to be forgiving; to love the Lord; to love others; to rest; to moderately exercise; to properly nourish yourself.  And you don’t do these things.  And so forth.

The thought of foolishness is sin – Prov 24:9 – many people have trouble because of foolish thinking.  They think themselves into physical ailments.  It is foolish (sin) to think that everybody has to like you.  It is foolish (sin) to dwell on the past.  It is foolish (sin) to think that you can fix things that can’t be fixed.  It is foolish (sin) to think that God makes exceptions for your particular sins.  It is foolish (sin) to think that you can go on the way you are and that somehow things are going to get better.  It is foolish to think that this sermon doesn’t apply to you.  As he thinketh in his heart so is he!!  Don’t be a sinful fool.

Conclusion: Now if you want to make some headway against some of these problems in your life, be honest with God, call these things what they truly are [sin] and then confess them and forsake them so that you can get rid of them and/or have victory over them through Jesus Christ, through whom we are more than conquerors!!