Settle Down, Ps 46:10

Be Still Ps. 46:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO of the sermon Settle Down

We have far too much chaos and activity in our lives.  We need to settle down.  Modern, time-saving devices haven’t really given us extra time to be still.  If anything, they have made us busier.  The Lord is telling us to sit still.  We tell children to sit still.  We ask them, “Do you have ants in your pants?”

When a storm brewed up, Jesus told the wind and the sea to “be still” and there was a great calm [Mk 4:39].  He’s telling us to settle down.  Get calm.

We need to settle down to:

Know that he is God – Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.  You will never know all you can know about God on this side of glory.  But you should know a lot more about him than you do.  Even Paul, who received revelations directly from him, said that he wanted to know God [Phil 3:10].  You must settle down and be still to know God.

Fellowship with Jesus – Lk 10:39 Mary sat at Jesus feet… in Jn 11:20 Mary sat still in the house.  You can’t have fellowship with Jesus if your spending all your time running around and doing things.  You need to sit at his feet.

Hear the Lord – 1 Ki 19:12 God spoke to Elijah with a still small voice. Then Elijah could hear what God was saying 1 Ki 19:13.  God doesn’t shout and scream at you.  He isn’t pushy.  He’s gentle and leads you gently.  There is way too much noise in the world and in our homes to hear his still small voice.  You must turn off the TV, get away from the computer, turn off the radio, and let things quiet down so you can hear him speak to you in his words.

Fight our battles – 2 Chr 20:17 stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you. The same thing happened in Ex 14:13 with Moses at Red Sea.  When we face a battle, we muster all the help from friends and professionals that we can get.  Settle down.  The first thing to do is to go to the Lord in prayer and seek his help.  You may find that all you need to do is pray and let him fight it out with your enemy.

Restore our souls – Ps 23:2 he leadeth me beside the still waters.  Sheep don’t like turbulent water.  If you want to restore your soul, you’ll get more refreshment out of being still with your Bible, still in prayer to the Lord or still in church listening to the teaching and preaching of God’s words than you will sitting down and watching TV or taking a vacation.  A vacation may be in order, but it is no substitute for “still” time with the Lord.

Conclusion: if you are in the middle of some chaos right now, be still and draw close to the Lord.  Once you settle down, it will be much easier for you to find your way through the storm