The Servants of God Win, Jer 37:5-10

The Servants of God Win in the End Jer. 37:5-10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Jer 37:5-10, Jerusalem was besieged by the Chaldeans and so the king of Judah requested help from the Egyptians. The Chaldeans departed from Jerusalem when Pharaoh came forth out of Egypt. Following the departure of the Chaldeans, Jeremiah warned Zedekiah, the king, not to celebrate. Jeremiah said that the Chaldeans would be back. Even if Judah beat the Chaldeans so only wounded men were left, the Chaldeans would still burn Jerusalem.

Remember that the Chaldeans, at this point, are the Lord’s servants and that Egypt is a type of the world. In other words, Zedekiah looked to the world for help to get rid of the servants of God. The help he received was only temporary, because the servants of God win in the end.

You see, even though the Chaldeans are the enemies of Judah, they are the servants of God. They bring God’s judgment on Judah for disobeying God’s words.  And though they might be weakened, God would strengthen them by his power to accomplish his will.  You know how this prophecy turns out.  Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem. Jerusalem capitulates.  Zedekiah is captured and the city is burned.  And Egypt did nothing to stop this destruction.

This text shows us a profound truth about what you can expect when you turn to the world for help. Your attempt to get rid of the servants of God will fail.  The servants of God will win in the end.  You see, the Chaldeans are like Bible believers today who still attempt to do God’s will. And you are like Zedekiah who believes that the world and its philosophies can safely deliver you from God’s judgment. The world will do no more for you in the end than Egypt did for Jerusalem. Even though the servants of God grow weaker these days because of apostasy, we win in the end.

When you turn to philosophers, like Richard Dawkins, and so-called scientists, like evolutionists, to get rid of God, the servants of God might depart from you like the Chaldeans departed from Jerusalem.  But in the end, the servants of God will be back and you will be helpless to defend yourself.  God is real.  Richard Dawkins’ attempt to overthrow God by a philosophy of probability cannot remove the God of impossibilities.  You might scare off weaker Christians with your intellect and debate, with you reason and conjecture. But the servants of God will win in the end.  Jesus is coming back. And you will see for yourself that your vain philosophy and stronghold of delusion can’t defend you against him.  You can’t win a fire fight with Jesus Christ.

When you turn to the sins of the world with a reprobate mind to get rid of God’s morality, you lose. Feeding your lust on the sin of this world might run off the servants of God for a while.  But one day, the God that you did not like to retain in your mind is coming back with a vengeance. And your lasciviousness will be powerless to protect your reprobate mind. With your seared conscience you will have to deal with him face to face.  The servants of God win in the end.  The world is always glad to show up like the Egyptians did to push the “holy-rollers” out of the way.  But when Jesus and his servants return, don’t think that the world is going to back you then.  We’ll ransack the world and destroy the unsaved sinners.

When you turn to the religions of the world to get rid of God’s righteousness in Jesus Christ, you might cause the servants of God who witness to you to leave you alone.  But we’ll be back.  And then you will see for yourself the fulfilled righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.  But it will be too late for you to turn to the Lord at that point.  Because he will return to destroy all those who don’t know God and who don’t obey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You see Egypt, the world, is always ready to help run off the servants of God. But when they surround you and tell you to believe, change your ways and get right with God.  Sometimes, the Lord deals with folks so mightily that it’s like he has besieged them like the Chaldeans.  Every where you turn, it seems that someone is trying to get you to Christ.  These folks aren’t your enemy.  We are the servants of God.  But you run them off with some worldly philosophy, sin or religion and then you think, “I’m done with them.”  Not so.  We’re coming back and when we do you are going to meet with your destruction [2 Thes 1:7-9; Matt 25:41].  The servants of God win in the end.

Listen, your life doesn’t have to end this way.  Repent, turn to the Lord and receive Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only way [Jn 14:6] you are going to survive the coming onslaught against those who do not believe in God.