Separation is not Always Bad

Separation is not always Bad

2 Corinthians 6:11-18

In the passage before us there is not only a command to be separate there are also illustrations for separation. It is amazing that all our lives we are separated by various things and don’t seem to have a problem with it, but then when God tells us to separate from various things we have trouble. For example we have different bathrooms for men and women, and different grade levels at school for different ages. In stores the goods are all separated into different categories that make them easy to find. In our jobs we are separated by divisions and titles, laborers and management and even into departments that make every thin run smoother. But when we come to the subject as a saved person of being separated from the world and things that do us harm spiritually many seem to just go nuts. The truth of the matter is separation is not just a command, but it is for our safety and well being.

Example of ordinary things that need separation :

1)  Gas and Fire

  • Under normal circumstances these two things are kept apart because together they are dangerous.
  • In a controlled environment like the engine of a car, these two things getting together are good and productive.
  • A practical example here would be teenagers. Boys and girls should be kept apart because together things can explode. But in the controlled environment such as marriage every things is fine.

2)  Electronics and Water

  • These two things do not mix. As anyone who has dropped their radio, cell phone, computer etc. in the water.
  • Many will say well, there was no harm done to me by dropping my phone or device in the water but it cost you something.
  • Many do not view separation from the world as hurting them but it could be costing them something.

3)  Ammonia and Clorox

  • As most every housewife as been taught these two things together will kill you. Many have found this out the hard way.
  • The same thing can be said about separation from worldly things. Many times the lack of seperation can cost someone their life.

In this passage there are five words that stand out. They are Fellowship, Communion, Concord, Part, and Agreement. What do these have in common? They all represent people or things that are in agreement with each other. There are things and people that saved born again children of God cannot be in agreement with and be in agreement with the word of God. Therefore we must separate.

The Right Kind of Separation :

1)  Must be based on the word of God (Nehemiah 13:3)

  • Our separation should be based on the word of God. We should see what is right and wrong by God’s word and follow it.

2)  Must be to something (Romans 1:1)

  • We cannot just quit everything. We must replace it with something or there will be a vacuum that pulls us right back to where we were.
  • If we give up the worlds music, we must replace it with Godly music etc.

3)  Must be for a purpose (Acts 13:2)

  • Our purpose should be to please and glorify God. But without separating for a purpose we will find that we usually will not stay separated very long.

4)  Will cause others to separate from us (Luke 6:22)

  • If we follow God’s word and do what is right you will not have to worry about the wrong crowd, they will simply separate from you.


Separation is not always Bad : Handout

2 Corinthians 6:11-18

1)  What are some basic reasons for separation?


2)  List some examples of things that should be separated.


3)  Why are we warned against being unequally yoked?


4)  List five words that are used in the passage connected with separation and show how they are related.


5)  List 4 things about the right kind of separation.