Second Guessing Your Decisions, Prov 29:20

Second Guessing Your Decisions Prov. 29:20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this lesson we will look through the Bible to see if we can find verses to help you keep from second guessing your decisions.  I was one of those who struggled with second guessing my decisions.  And so I have personal experience with this problem.  Perhaps some of the things I learned will help you keep from second guessing your decisions.

To keep from second guessing your decisions:

Give yourself time to make the right decision – Prov 29:20 – we are prone to make bad decisions when we decide too quickly.  Take your time and be sure of what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Tell the folks who might be affected by your decision that you are going to take your time to make the right decision.

Be circumspect in your decision – Eph 5:15 – people who make wise decisions and don’t have to second guess themselves after making them are people who evaluate their decisions from all angles.  They take everything into consideration before they decide.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to check references and to study up on what you are deciding.  The more you know about the decision you are making the better decision you are likely to make.

Don’t let folks pressure you into a decision – Dan 6:6-9, 14 – scammers and high pressure salespeople pressure folks to decide matters instantly.  You’ll hear people say, “He twisted my arm;” “He pressured me into it.”  If you are being pressured to decide on a matter presented to you before you have thought it through carefully, turn down the offer.  It may be a good offer but if you are pressured, you will likely wonder whether you have made a wise decision.

Pray and ask the Lord for wisdom to decide – Jas 1:5-8 – if you will seek the Lord’s help in making your decisions, you will find him to be very helpful, particularly if you are not double minded.  The Lord has a perspective far greater than your own understanding [Prov 3:5-6].

Don’t decide based on what others will think – Matt 21:24-27 – you will generally find that most decisions you make are going to affect others.  Or others may have some thought about the decisions you make.  Be careful taking other peoples’ thoughts into consideration.  For one thing, you can’t please everyone.  And for another thing, it is your decision; not theirs.  If you can clear your head of “what others will think” it will be much easier for you to see the best way to decide.

If the decision involves money, set limits on yourself – Prov 21:17, 20 – people who cannot restrain their spending make unwise decisions.  Learn to live within your means.  You are a lot less likely to second guess your decision to buy something if you can afford it and still live within your means.  If you are making a large purchase, set a wise and reasonable upper limit.  If the price is higher than that, walk away and don’t look back.

Don’t be embarrassed to say “no” – Matt 5:37 – if the decision is not “yes” then it is “no.”  And don’t be afraid to say “no.”  Some of us are afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings by turning them down.  They’ll get over it much more quickly than you will get over second guessing your decisions and punishing yourself for saying “yes” when you know that you should have said “no.”

Don’t decide when you are emotional – Prov 29:22 – don’t try to decide on things when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.  This is what counselors call “HALT.”  If you try to make a decision when you are emotional, you are going to regret the decision you make because you will never be satisfied that you made the right decision.  You will worry that your decision was emotional rather than rational.  You will second guess your decision.

Get some counsel from people you trust – Prov 11:14 – some decisions are hard to make even after you have done all of the above.  So, get with the people you trust and let them give you wise counsel.  They usually know what they are talking about and can advise you in one or two sentences what to do [Prov 17:27].  They are not emotionally connected to the decision and you don’t have to worry about them talking about you after you decide because you have given them the opportunity to speak before you decide.

Conclusion: now if you will follow these simple Biblical instructions you will quit second guessing yourself so much and you will make wiser decisions to begin with.