Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #6 : Satan’s Influence with Images

Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #6  

Satan’s Influence with Images

In this lesson we are going to look at how Satan uses images to influence and deceive people today. When we think of images we often think of pictures or advertisements, television shows, movies, or other things that happen to come across the screen of our computers. In the Bible images were graven or manmade idols. Very few people in America would consider themselves a worshiper of idols, but many will spend hours every day in front of a computer, phone, or television screen. They may not be worshiping them in the sense of worshiping idols in the word of God but they are being influenced and affected by the images that they see.

Have you ever noticed that the television is always in a prominent place in the house? And in the day and age that we live in it is usually one of the most expensive items of furniture in the home. We even have shows entitled “American Idol”. Whether you have a TV in your home or not is not the issue the issue in this lesson is how you use it. Anything can be an idol if it steals your heart away from God and serving him whether it is a TV, Car, Recreational activity etc. What we are trying to get you to see in this lesson is how Satan uses images to influence your thoughts which in turn cause your actions.

Our Imagination and our Heart is directly affected by what we see :

Below is a chain reference that gives some verse dealing with how our heart and imagination is affected by what we see.

Genesis 3:6 (Here we see that Eve first saw that the tree was good for food)

  • How many times have our eyes got us in to trouble with food? Usually one of the first steps in sin is to see the temptation.

Genesis 6:5 (Here we see the reason for God sending the flood)

  • Note that as a result of sin, the imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was on evil continually.

Genesis 8:21 (Here we see that the imaginations of man’s heart is evil form his youth)

  • If you think about it our heart is full of wicked imaginations and no one had to teach us to have them, it comes natural as a result of sin.

Mark 7:20-23 (Here we see that it is what comes out of man’s heart that defiles him)

  • The first things listed in these verses as coming out of the heart is evil thoughts. Then we see adulteries, fornication, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.

Both David (2 Samuel 11:2) and Samson (Judges 14:1) are good examples of how their eyes affected their heart in regards to wanting women.

Satan knows that we have this weakness in us. He exploits it by constantly setting up images before our eyes that affect our heart and our imaginations. These can lead to evil thoughts which can lead to doing wickedness in the sight of God.

One of Satan’s big deceptions that he has accomplished with the use of images through television and movies is to deceive people into thinking that there is nothing wrong with adultery, fornication, homosexuality, murder, cheating stealing etc. as long as no one gets hurt. How did Satan do this? By showing these things over and over and over again on TV and movie screens until we simply think it is OK because everyone is doing it. You can’t even find a family show on TV today that does not have sexual content or language in some form or fashion and we wonder why our teens are behaving like they are.

What does the Bible say about Images :

We have been giving references and illustrations as to how our imaginations are affected by images. Have you ever noticed that the root word of imagination is “Image”? God gave some clear verses concerning images.

Exodus 20:4 (The 2nd commandment is to make no graven images)

Deuteronomy 5:8 (No images from the heavens, earth or the water)

Romans 1:21-23 (Here someone changes the glory of God into images of earthly things)

You may not have images or statues that you worship but what kind of influence are the images that you see everyday having on your life?

Satan’s Deceiving Power :

Many people have no clue when it comes to Satan’s real power. In Revelations 13:14-15 we see that the false prophet gives life to an image and causes it to speak and make people worship the anti-christ. In the tribulation a real statue comes to life and the sad thing is that most are not even surprised because they have been programmed through television and movies to believe that these things are possible.

Many of the movies and television shows especially those about robots and aliens are influenced by Satan. This is done so that when Satan and his angels that are kicked out of the 2nd heaven and come to earth during the tribulation, no one will think anything about it. They have been watching it happen on TV since the 50’s.

Remember that Satan is very subtle. His methods are just as subtle and his motive has been the same since the very beginning. And it is to get people to worship him and he doesn’t care what form it is in as long as people worship anything but God.

How can we get Victory over Images :

The first step is to do your best to control what you see (Job 31:1 and Psalm 101:3). If this means no watching TV or going to the movies then so be it. Remember what is a problem for you  might not affect your friends the same way but if you know it is a weakness for you then keep it out of sight.

The second thing is to realize that this is Spiritual warfare and you cannot fight it on your own strength (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). You must rely on the Lord through prayer and the word of God to stay strong and be spiritually aware of Satan’s influence and avoid it at every turn.

The last thing is to remember to plead the blood of Jesus Christ. When evil thoughts or imaginations pop up ask God to cleanse your heart and mind with the blood of Christ and don’t dwell on them. If you have, ask God to forgive you and move on.


Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #6 : Handout

Satan’s Influence with Images  

1)  Give a chain reference for our imagination and our heart being directly affected by what we see.


2)  Who are 2 good examples of this is the word of God? Give references.


3)  What is the root word for imagination?


4)  List some verse where God gives clear warnings against worshipping images.


5)  Give an example of Satan’s power in regard to deceiving people with images? List reference.


6)  List some ways and examples that Satan is influencing people with modern day images.


7)  What is the best way for us to overcome modern day images? Give scripture with your answer.