Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #5 : Satan’s Influence in Music

Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #5

Satan’s Influence in Music

In this lesson we are going to look at Satan’s influence in music. We have all heard the phrase, “music is an international language”. To a large extent this is true and Satan knows this very well. Music is a very effective tool and as we will see in this lesson Satan was connected with music from the very beginning and is still using it today to deceive teens and adults alike. Worldly music comes in all different forms but most of it has the same result and remember that has we have already seen in this series Satan is very subtle about how he influences things and many are just simply unaware.

Satan’s connection with Music : (Ezekiel 28:13-14 ; Isaiah 14:11-12)

In Ezekiel 28 Satan is being addressed through the King of Tyrus. This is one of the places in the word of God that we see information on Satan before he fell. We see that he was the anointed cherub that covereth in verse 14, and in verse 13 we see that he had pipes and tabrets prepared in him. Pipes would be connected with wind instruments and tabrets are a small drum. So from this passage we see that Satan has musical instrument within him.

In Isaiah 14 we all see some information about Satan before he fell. In verse 12 we see that his name was Lucifer before he fell through sin. Notice in verse 11 the word of God speaks of the noise of his viols. Viols would be connected with stringed instruments. Therefore with this passage and the one in Ezekiel we see that Satan was a one man band and plainly connected with music from his creation.

Music was originally created to worship and bring honor to God. That is why we find verses in the New Testament like Ephesians 5:19-20 and Colossians 3:16. It is most likely that Satan as Lucifer before he fell was connected with leading a heavenly choir in worshipping God. Note that in Job 38:1-7 in reference to the creation of the earth it is said that the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.

After Satan’s fall he is still a musical creature but instead of using music to worship and bring honor to God he uses it to worship and bring honor to himself. This is what people do not recognize is the fact that Satan is well acquainted with music and that is why most all false religions use music of some sort.

Examples of Music being used to Worship False Gods :

Exodus 32:18,19,25

In Exodus 32 we see where Israel gets impatient on Moses while he is on the mount with God and they have Aaron make them a false god to worship. Aaron makes them a golden calf which is no surprise seeing that Satan is connected with the calf or ox (See introduction lesson in this series). As they worship this false God note that there is singing and dancing and nakedness in the verses that we listed above. For anyone who has been to a modern day rock concert especially a heavy metal concert this is no surprise. What happens at many rock concerts is no different than what happened here. People sing and dance and take their clothes off. Remember there is nothing new under the sun.

Daniel 3:5,7,10 

In Daniel 3 we see that Nebuchadnezzar has made an image and commands everyone to worship the image. Note that they are to worship the image when the music plays. A variety of instruments are used in the music but here we see music connected directly with worship of a false god. This is a type of what the anti-christ will do during the tribulation (Revelation 13:14-15).

It is obvious that Satan is behind this use of music that is associated with worshipping false gods. Therefore we must be very careful especially with music not only what we listen to personally but what we allow to be played and in our churches.

Things associated with wicked music today :

Before we give this list we must recognize the fact that when something is in direct opposition to the word of God the influence is not of God or the Holy Spirit but of Satan.

1)  Rebellion (1 Samuel 15:23)

  • From the start of Rock and Roll era it has been associated with rebellion from the 50’s on. Why did teens love it and the parents hate it? It had that element of rebellion in it and it you do not believe that just listen to the lyrics of most all rock and roll songs from when they started until now. They usually are about doing things that are said to be wrong by either the word of God, society, or our parents. And they promote illegal activity and make it glamorous.
  • The verse in 1 Samuel from above says that rebellion is as the sin of witch craft. That is why there is witch craft and Satanic things associated with music.

2)  Immorality and Nakedness (Exodus 32:25)

  • We have seen how the people of Israel were naked when singing and dancing in connection with worshipping a false god. This is no different today just watch most any music video no matter whether it is rock music, country music, rap music or any other music.
  • Immorality and sex is also promoted within the lyrics of most worldly music today. Just listen to country music if it’s not about drinking it is usually about a relationship with a woman or a man and many times the woman or man is married to someone else.

3)  Long Hair (1 Corinthians 11:14)

  • Many will say that long hair is just a cultural thing but the word of God says that even nature teaches that it is a shame for a man to have long hair.
  • Have you ever wondered why so many male rock stars have long hair, it is a satanic influence that is in direct opposition to the word of God.

4)  Satanic Emblems and Associations

  • We did not list a verse with this reference but any verse that deals with worshipping images and idols will work just fine.
  • When one looks at rock bands especially heavy metal bands you cannot miss the Satan emblems and influence if you know what you are looking for. Many of these band members wear Pentagrams (upside down star), upside down crosses, Peace sign (which are upside down broken crosses), and many other symbols connect with witch craft and Satan worship.
  • A common hand signal that is used by rockers is the hand signal that Satanist use which is associated with the horned goat. I know that every rocker is not a Satanist or a Satan worshiper but why do you think that they use this symbol? It is simply a deception of Satan through his subtle influence in music.
  • Why is it that rockers are always wearing black their works are evil (John 3:19-21) and they love darkness. How many rock concerts are held in the day light?
  • Many of these do these things just to sell albums but remember that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Others do these things because they are into these kind of things. The Eagles which would be called easy listening by many to day, on their album cover for “Hotel California” (which has satanic references to the anti-christ in its lyrics) has Anton LaVey hidden on the balcony of the Hotel. Why is Anton LaVey a big deal, for those who do know who he is he started the church of Satan and authored the Satanic Bible. Another illustration of this can be found on the album cover of the Beatles called “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  On this album there is a group of people they are said to admire, one of them is Aleister Crowley who was one of the lead Satanist in Europe.
  • Also some of these bands use satanic practices or things associated with satanic practices like spitting or drinking blood and having mock crucifixions as part of their acts.
  • Whether real or for the effect of shocking the crowd it is plain to see how Satan has influenced this kind of music today.

5)  Drugs and Alcohol

  • Worldly music cannot get away from the connections of drugs and alcohol. Many of the band members have substance abuse problems or have died as a result of overdoses, addictions, or diseases associated with that life style.

What is the fruit of this Music (Matt 7:15-20)

One of the best ways to judge music and its source is to simply ask yourself what kind of fruit does it produce. Jesus used the illustration of good tree bringing forth good fruit and a bad tree brings forth bad fruit. When we look at the fruit of worldly music we see death, destruction, depression, disease, despair, heartache, broken homes, rebellion, sin, and many other hurtful and disgusting things. This is plainly the influence of Satan and the proof is clearly seen and evidenced in our society after roughly sixty years of rock and roll and the devil’s influence in music.


Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #5 : Handout

Satan’s Influence in Music

1)  What are the instruments that Satan was originally created with as the anointed Cherub? Give references.



2)  Give some illustrations of Music being associated with worshipping false gods in the Bible.



3)  What are some things associated with wicked music today that Satan has obviously influenced?



4)  What is a good way for judging some of these things? Give a reference.



5)  What are some of the fruits of today’s wicked music?