Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #2 : Satan and gods

Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #2

Satan and gods

In the previous lesson we saw that Satan in his original position was the anointed cherub that covereth and that the cherub was connected with an ox or calf. When we go through the word of God we find many references to gods (note the little g will reference false gods in this writing). Satan is connected with the gods found throughout the Bible and he uses them to influence mankind into honoring and worshipping him. In this lesson we will give some examples of these little g gods throughout the Bible and also show how Satan uses these gods to deceive mankind.

Examples for little g gods in the Bible :

Genesis 3:5 (When Satan tempted Adam and Eve they were tempted with being as gods)

Exodus 12:12 (Other nations in Bible times worshipped these gods)

Numbers 25:1-3 (Sacrifices were made to these gods)

Deuteronomy 32:17 (Devils connected with gods)

Psalms 82:1 (God judges these gods)

Daniel 2:11 (gods who dwell not with men)

  • This is an interesting reference because the wise men of Babylon are saying that there are gods who dwell not with men. They are distinguishing between the gods they worshipped and gave them their power verses the one that is the real God.

From these references we see that the gods are connected with devils. Satan used devils or unclean spirits as they are also called in the Bible obliviously to influence these nations to worship him in various forms. In the book of Revelation it is clear that Satan gave power to the beast and the false prophet so that they could give life to the image of the beast and also do miracles. Satan probably did the same thing with those nations and caused these “gods” to deceive the people. If you remember the magicians of Egypt could replicate some of the plagues but not all of them.

Satan’s Deception :

As we saw in the previous lesson Satan is connected with a cow. The cow or the bull is sacred in many different religions even still today. When you study the ancient Egyptian religion you will find that they had a goddess who was named Hathor. Hathor was the cow goddess and was illustrated as a woman with a cows head or as a cow. She was the goddess of joy, feminine love, and mother hood. Another famous Egyptian goddess was Isis. She is said to be associated with Hathor and is sometimes illustrated with a sun disc and cows horns upon her head.

It is no surprise that the children of Israel when they made their first idol it was a golden calf (Exodus 32:1-8). This is because they had been in Egypt for over 400 hundred years and were very familiar with the gods of Egypt. Satan got God’s people to worship a form of him. Not only did they make the idol but they gave it the credit for all the miracles and delivering them from Egypt. It was nothing for them to think that a statue could do those things because they had been so influenced by the Egyptians.

Later on when God split the kingdom from Solomon for worshipping false gods, the king of the 10 northern tribes made two golden calves for the people to worship (1 Kings 12:28 ; 2 Kings 17:16). And in Hosea 13:2 they were kissing these calves. Does this remind you of a particular religion today, one where you are required to kiss the ring of the leader? The one you are to kiss is the Son (Psalm 2:11-12) and not a man or his ring.

How is this hidden in our society today? Many would say that they would not worship idols yet they have lucky charms or objects that they believe give them the ability to do well at sports or in other areas. This is really the same thing. Giving special power to an inanimate object and not being able to function without it.

Also in our society money has definitively become a god. One of the main symbols for money or wealth in America is Wall Street, and what is the symbol connected with wall street? A bronze statue of a bull. Have you ever wondered why they picked a bull? Hidden influence of Satan most likely?

In the reference from 2 Kings 17:16 Israel not only worshipped the calves but all the host of heaven. This is interesting because today many through horoscopes and astrology worship the sun,moon, stars and the planets. You might ask how is this connected with Satan? From our first lesson we saw that Satan wants to be like God, therefore he imitates everything that he does.

In the Old Testament the High Priest for Israel wore an ephod with a breastplate. The breastplate had a stone for each of the 12 tribes of Israel (Exodus 28:6-29). In certain instances David enquired at the ephod and got an answer from God (1 Samuel 3:2,9 and 1 Samuel 30:7).

Satan as the anointed cherub that covereth also had stones in him (Ezekiel 28:13). As a fake high priest he wants people to consult him for advice instead of God. His domain is the second heaven, which is outer space (Ephesians 6:12). So he connects your birth sign and stone with the constellations to give you a horoscope. There are many that live daily by their horoscope. This is not at all surprising when we see that God said the stars are not clean in his sight (Job 25:5)

It is clear to see that Satan through his devils or gods is influencing man to honor or worship him in many ways still today and sometimes without him even knowing it.


Satan’s Hidden Influence Lesson #2

Satan and gods : Handout

1)  From the previous lesson what did we say that Satan was connected with in his original position before he fell?


2)  Give a chain reference for “gods” in the Bible.


3)  How has Satan used these “gods” to deceive man kind in the past and still today?